Feature Film Showcase – Return of the Street Fighter (1974)

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Return of the Street Fighter, 1974.

Directed by Shigehiro Ozawa.
Starring Sonny Chiba, Yōko Ichiji, and Masashi Ishibashi.

After Bruce Lee’s classic Enter the Dragon (1973) had popularised the martial arts genre in the West, Japanese production house Toei Company quickly capitalised with their own release, The Street Fighter (1974), starring Sonny Chiba (also available in our Movies… For Free! collection). With The Street Fighter achieving wide international success, Toei immediately began work on a follow up and Return of the Street Fighter was rushed to cinemas later that year.

Chiba returns as martial arts master and mercenary Takuma ‘Terry’ Tsurugi, who once again upsets his yakuza employers when he refuses a contract to kill personal friend Masaoko (Masafumi Suzuki). Naturally the gangsters aren’t too happy with Tsurugi’s insubordination and set about to make him pay, while old enemy Junjo (Ishibashi) also has his sights on revenge, laying the foundations for a bloody ballet of cartoon hyper-violence.

Return of the Street Fighter managed to repeat the success of its predecessor and inspired another sequel – The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge – to complete the trilogy.

Please note that the film is split into two parts – the second part will load automatically after the first has finished, simply click play to resume.

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