Feature Film Showcase – The Way Ahead (1944)

“Movies… For Free!”, showcasing classic movies that have fallen out of copyright and are available freely from the public domain. This week we continue our Carol Reed theme…

The Way Ahead Carol Reed David Niven Peter Ustinov
The Way Ahead, 1944.

Directed by Carol Reed.
Starring David Niven and Stanley Holloway.

Written by Eric Ambler and Peter Ustinov and directed by Carol Reed, The Way Ahead is a British WW2 drama starring David Niven as the leader of a reluctant group of conscripts. After completing their training and gaining respect for one another, the battalion is sent to do battle with Rommel in North Africa. Torpedoed en route, the men finally get to see action after they are assigned to protect a small town from a German assault.

The Way Ahead shares much of its cast and crew with Reed’s previous WW2 drama The New Lot (1943) including Ustinov, Raymond Huntley, and John Laurie (who would portray a similar character, Private Frazer, in the classic British sit-com Dad’s Army). Also appearing is original Doctor Who actor William Hartnell (recently discharged from the Royal Tank Regiment on medical grounds) as Sergeant Ned Fletcher – a role which he would later parody as the lead in the first of the Carry On movies, Carry On Sergeant (1958).

Be sure to read Trevor Hogg’s profile of director Carol Reed.

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