Short Film Showcase: Cold Blood (2009)

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Cold Blood, 2009.

Written and Directed by Steve Looker.
Music by Philip Curran.
Actors Chris Green, Alison Bell.
Produced by Reel Vision Films.

“A girl awakes to find herself covered in blood and trapped in a warehouse. She hears someone being tortured next door! She is now in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a crazed killer”.

A homage to Halloween (1978), Manchester filmmaker Steve Looker’s Cold Blood is an atmospheric slasher, aided by its impressive visual style and accompanying musical score by Philip Curran, and has enjoyed a number of successful festival screenings including Grimm Up North, Mayhem Horror Fest and Phantasma-Goria.

For more on the film and its director (currently in pre-production on a feature length thriller, The Darkest Hour), visit Steve’s site here.

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