Short Film Showcase – Alive in Joburg (2005)

Alive in Joburg, 2005.

Written and Directed by Neill Blomkamp.
Starring Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Dawie Ackermann, Braam Greyling and Godfrey Seome.

South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp’s 2005 sci-fi short Alive in Joburg would go on to inspire the director’s Best Picture nominated feature District 9 (2009), and deals with the theme of apartheid through the social segregation of extraterrestrial visitors within the South African capital of Johannesburg.

Through a number of news clips and interviews we learn that the aliens arrived in huge spaceships in 1990 to escape oppression and began to spread throughout the city. Committing crimes to get by, the aliens soon clash with the police and – with tensions mounting – they are forced into living in poor conditions with the already segregated black population.

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