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The Ring Alfred Hitchcock
The Ring, 1927.

Written and Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Starring Carl Brisson, Lillian Hall-Davis, Ian Hunter, Forrester Harvey, Harry Terry and Gordon Harker.

The Ring centres on a love triangle between a young woman called Mabel (Lillian Hall-Davis, who would also star in Hitchcock’s next production The Farmer’s Wife), her prize-fighter fiancé ‘One-Round’ Jack Saunders (Carl Brisson) and rival boxer and champion Bob Corby (Ian Hunter). After defeating Jack in a fairground contest, Bob enlists him as a sparring partner in order to get close to Mabel, and when the pair run away together Jack must challenge his rival in the ring for both the championship and the love of his woman.

The only film from Hitchcock’s extensive body of work where he was to receive the sole writing credit, The Ring was the third of three pictures released by the director in 1927 (the others being The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog and Downhill). Although it is one of his lesser-known movies, the film enjoyed positive reviews when released and included a number of technical innovations and experimentation with regards to montage and editing which demonstrates Hitchcock’s growing confidence in his craft.

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