Check out the trailer for stylish British short film Ante

Earlier in the week I received an email from up-and-coming Yorkshire based filmmaker Chris Cronin, letting me known about a new short that’s he’s completed entitled Ante, which tells the story of two competing businessmen who find thsemlves targeted by the same hitman.

Running at 18 1/2 minutes and entirely self-financed, Ante is an accomplished piece of filmmaking with Chris demonstrating a keen eye for direction, employing fluid, slick cinematography, stylish editing and an impressive cast to create a tense and engaging thriller that’s among the best shorts I’ve seen so far this year.

Take a look at the synopsis and trailer…

Ultra-competitive salesmen, Tom (GREG KELLY, Hollyoaks, Waterloo Road) and Raymond (STEVE McTIGUE, Cold Feet, Doctors) are up for the same promotion. When ruthless contract killer, Pierson (DAVID ROBERTSON, Shameless, The Street), comes on the scene it looks like they unwittingly hired the same hitman to take each other out. But Pierson has a problem. If he kills them both, no one will be left to pay the rest of his fee. As the clock ticks away on Tom and Raymond’s lives, they must use all their sales skills to convince the contract killer which of them it would be most profitable to let live.

Ante recently enjoyed a successful premiere at Kino Shorts 15 in Manchester and the next public screening is this coming Friday at the London International Film Festival (see here).

If you can’t make that, be sure to keep an eye on the official website for future screenings – you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Is this all shot in one room?

  • Apart from a couple of exterior shots yes. It's done in real time.