Short Film Showcase – Bottom of a Glass (2011)

Presenting short films from independent filmmakers…

Bottom of a Glass, 2011.

Produced, Directed, Shot and Edited by Xavier Neal-Burgin.
Co-Directed by Joe Will Field.
Assistant Director Rene Gromotka.
Starring Coryanne Gromotka and Rene Gromotka.

SYNOPSIS – In the blink of an eye our protagonist loses everything he’s loved. With nothing to live for he fills his life with a collection of self-deprecation to fill the empty void. His life seems lost until someone comes along to remind life is worth living even after tragedy.

Bottom of a Glass is a student short from Xavier Burgin, a Film Production major at the University of Alabama, which adopts the rather unique approach of employing a puppet as its main character. Bottom of a Glass features some striking black and white cinematography and is a touching short that sensitively explores its themes of loss and grief. It was named Best Drama at the Campus MovieFest at UA as well as being a semi-finalist for the Rethink Possible Award, and has recently been accepted to the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.

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