Short Film Showcase – Rats: A Sin City Yarn (2004)

Rats: A Sin City Yarn, 2004.

Directed by David Brocca.

Produced by Albert Brocca and David Brocca.

Starring James Peak, Alan Rackley and John LaMotta.

Based upon the final ‘yarn’ of Frank Miller’s 1996 Sin City graphic novel, Lost, Lonely and Lethal, Rats tells the story of an old Nazi war criminal living in filth and poverty; as he reflects on his past life, death comes knocking at his door and he must pay the price for his sins. Produced by Pitch Films and directed by David Brocca, Rats: A Sin City Yarn is a highly stylised short that manages to capture the distinctive visuals of Miller’s tales with stark, comic book panel-styled photography. The short was released in 2004 – a year before Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City feature film – and running at just 3 minutes in length, it’s certainly a must-watch for fans of Miller’s gritty, noir-soaked world.

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