Billy Eichner’s Oscar preview injects some fun into the Academy Awards countdown

It can all get a bit familiar by this point. Surprises are usually kept to a minimum. Last year The King’s Speech cleaned up at the Oscars and this year it’s going to be The Artist. Yet everyone remains very serious, very gracious and very respectful. The jokes at the ceremony are always careful not to rock the boat. The Academy voters are a bunch of old men after all.

That’s why this preview video for the 2012 Oscars from Billy Eichner is so refreshing. This year he’s actually endorsed by the Oscars, but that doesn’t stop him poking fun at their “celebrate the movies in all of us” marketing campaign. Billy is let loose on the streets to ask people about their favourite movie moments, in truly hilarious fashion. Keep an eye out for the woman who can’t quite remember which film she means and the handful of pedestrians who seem to find the Oscars downright terrifying.

Here at Flickering Myth, we’re crossing our fingers for some laughs during the ceremony. But after last year’s Anne Hathaway and James Franco combo, we’re not all that hopeful.

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