Cat Fyson’s Desert Island Collection

Cat Fyson presents her Desert Island Collection…


1. Bronson – An incredible movie, Tom Hardy at his best (so far, who knows how well Bane will go down…)
2. Fight Club – A typical choice, but a great movie that I still adore. Great performances all round.
3. Back to the Future – I was fortunate enough to see this for the first time on the big screen (albeit for its 25th anniversary) in 2010. An absolute classic!
4. REC – Just in case I need a good scare on my desert island, Rec is pretty much guaranteed to freak me out.
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – For those geeky moods, my favourite Potter film. Far superior to Part 2!
6. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – I’m a huge Depp fan, because I’m a straight woman. This movie is a cult classic, and highly entertaining and bizarre.
7. Clerks – I was introduced to Kevin Smith some years ago, and I love this movie so much. Just comic genius.
8. Barefoot Gen – This Japanese anime movie depicting the Hiroshima bombing is absolutely incredible. It’s so moving, and I could cry like a baby if I was on my own desert island. The animation is just amazing.
9. Anchorman – I know, I know – it’s overrated, right? I still love it because as a teenager it was the most quotable movie around, and it still makes me laugh now.
10. The Children – another horror that gives me the creeps. Children scare me as it is, and this tense Christmas terror did nothing to negate my fears.


1. Dexter – If you don’t like Dexter, you haven’t watched it. Although some seasons are infinitely better than others (Season 4), it is overall an amazing show created by pure talent.
2. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace – The best and worst thing about Darkplace is the fact it was only one short season. It’s a cult classic which I love going back to every once in a while to remind me that Richard Ayoade is definitely not at his funniest in The IT Crowd.
3. Peep Show – Although the show is not at its best anymore, I still have huge respect for Mitchell, Webb, Bain and Armstrong for creating something unique and down-to-earth funny. “How did you get that shirt so clean, mate?”
4. Malcolm in the Middle – I miss this show so much, it was hilarious with some of the best characterisation I’ve seen in TV comedy (particularly family-friendly TV comedy!)
5. Arrested Development – It’s been picked before, and for good reason! This show is fantastically written, with subtle hidden comic gems that you discover the more times you watch, and an amazing cast.
6. Batman (1960s) – “Holy ____, Batman!” – you could fill that gap with any word, and Burt Ward’s Robin probably said it. Cheesy lines, bright colours, hilarious ‘fight scenes’. What’s not to love?!
7. Freaks and Geeks – Another one picked by another contributor. James Franco, Jason Segal, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogan… amazing cast, great stories. This is honest comedy about growing up.
8. Modern Family – Every character is utterly loveable, and easy to resonate with. Great writing.
9. Come Dine with Me – I’m not even ashamed of this. I love cookery shows, especially ones with sarcastic commentary.
10. Breaking Bad – Admittedly, I have only seen the first 2 series, and am currently awaiting a UK release of series 3. The pain of the wait speaks volumes as to how much I appreciate this show, especially the legend that is Bryan Cranston.

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Cat Fyson

  • Luke Owen

    There are some great TV shouts in there. Garth Marenghi&#39;s Darkplace is amazing (&quot;I felt muscular and compact, like corned beef&quot;) and I will never fall out of love with Freaks and Geeks. The mid season story arch between Lindsey and Nick is a favourite of mine. I always feel so bad for him during his drum audition.<br /><br />And I don&#39;t know how anyone could NOT like Come Dine

  • Cat Fyson

    Thanks for the comment Luke! <br /><br />I meant Dexter Season 4 is the best one. I won&#39;t spoil 5 and 6, but Season 4 will probably always be the best, it&#39;ll be a hell of a struggle to beat it! Season 3 is OK, still a good show season, but probably the worst of the lot (if memory serves me correctly)<br /><br />Goblet of Fire is good, especially for a Potter film, but DHP1 just was the