Short Film Showcase – Ante (2011)

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Ante, 2011.

Directed by Chris Cronin.
Written by Paul Thomas.
Starring David Edward-Robertson, Greg Kelly, Steve McTigue, Russell Barnett.

Ante is a tense and suspenseful short thriller from up-and-coming filmmaker Chris Cronin and Genesis Flux Productions that sees two ultra-competitive salesmen, Tom (Greg Kelly; Hollyoaks, Waterloo Road) and Raymond (Steve McTigue; Cold Feet, Doctors), unwittingly hiring the same hitman, Pierson (David Robertson; Shameless, The Street) to take each other out. But Pierson has a problem. If he kills them both, no one will be left to pay the rest of his fee. As the clock ticks away on Tom and Raymond’s lives, they must use all their sales skills to convince the contract killer which of them it would be most profitable to let live.

Premiering in April 2011, Ante went on to screen at a number of festivals including the London Indepedent Film Festival, Los Angeles Trailer Festival, Kino Shorts Film Festival and New York Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival, as well as receiving the award for Best Thriller at the American International Film Festival. Meanwhile Chris and his team are now busy with several projects, including the Indiana Jones-inspired Sophie’s Fortune, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi Western which makes use of the horse stunt team that worked on War Horse, Robin Hood and Snow White and the Huntsman, and the feature-length horror Malevolent, which is due to go into production later in the year and is described as a mix between The Exorcist and The Sixth Sense.

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