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  • O for Orgazmo? I'm stuck on a couple… not as easy as you'd expect!

  • Z, U and L have stumped me.

  • Z is Zoom (I think), U is Unbreakable and L… I have no idea. Anyone?

  • Arron

    i think L is League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • Arron

    I think it may be Ozymandias from Watchmem?

  • I'm pretty sure O is Orgazmo – exact same costume. Think you're probably right on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, can't think of anything else it could be!

  • Sounds about right to me. O is defiantly Orgazmo -the most underrated of Superheroes!

  • Videojakob

    they are all the titles of the movies not the heroes 🙂 Example: Amazing Spiderman, Fantastic Four, League of extraordinary Gentlemen. But i cant figure Q out. Which one is that?

  • Videojakob

    should we make a list? or would that be to big a spoiler?

  • Q is Quicksilver

  • And him along with Yellow Jacket means this is not really a Superhero FILM list…