Two New Clips from Avengers Assemble…

…or should that be The Avengers?

Avengers Assemble, directed and written by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly) and starring Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and many more is out next Thursday in the UK. And to celebrate, Flickering Myth is staging a ‘Road to The Avengers’ themed week, revisiting the films that comprise its rather impressive prologue. But reviews can only quell one’s appetite so much. Here are two clips that have been posted online from the film…

Iron Man vs. Thor

400%, eh? It appears as though Thor’s hammer, Mjölner, can be used to power up Iron Man’s suit. The clip suggests a much larger combination of each hero’s respective power for the film’s climactic battle.

Loki vs. Nick Fury

Whedon once said in an interview about Avengers Assemble that, if it were up to him, the entire film would be the five central characters sitting in a room, talking – which is how all action films should be approached.

His ability for dialogue is shown in full force here, as Loki (Tom Hiddleston) belittles the Hulk’s cage, threatening Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Earth as he does.

But… Avengers Assemble?

‘Assemble’ isn’t the most exciting of words. It’s not much better than ‘Avengers Meet-Up’, or ‘Avengers Gather’. The Americans get to keep the original title, The Avengers, because Marvel apparently want no connection with the British 60s television series of the same name. Nor its 1997 film adaptation, which is more understandable.

In fact, you know what it reminds me of..?

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  • I&#39;m annoyed at companies putting these clips out as, for me, I think it ruins some of the moments of films – just like trailers can often do.<br /><br />While I can&#39;t say much now, the Iron Man/Thor sequence was a scene that blew me away during the film – but that&#39;s because I&#39;d not seen it before.<br /><br />Having said that, you don&#39;t have to watch them I guess 😉

  • Arron

    Has this film been give a rating yet, my son who is 6 keeps going on about going to see it but if it&#39;s a 12 will he get in?

  • Oliver Davis

    It&#39;s received a 12a from the BBFC, because of some &#39;moderate fantasy violence&#39;. That means your six year old can see it as long as a parent/guardian takes him. <br /><br />Which means you should be in for a treat of a film!

  • Arron

    Thanks Oliver, looks like i&#39;ll be seeing it twice then.

  • Just to add to Oli&#39;s points, if your son has liked the other movies leading up to this and you&#39;ve found them to be okay then there is nothing in this movie that will shock you. Nothing is over sexualised, there is no bad language and the violence in the movie is very moderate.

  • I&#39;m starting to agree with you Luke. Seeing way too much now with all these clips. Must… stop… watching…