A promo poster for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills

Yesterday we posted a teaser poster for the Robert Rodriguez / Frank Miller-directed sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, but of course that’s not the only follow-up that Rodriguez has on his slate and now comes a promotional poster for his other project, Machete Kills, courtesy of Joblo (via Castle Co-op):

Machete Kills is set to begin filming this summer and will see Danny Trejo (From Dusk Til Dawn) returning as the former Mexican Federale Machete, who this time finds himself battling a psychotic cartel leader and a billionaire arms dealer who plan to cause a global war by launching a weapon into space. Also returning to the cast are Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar), Jessica Alba (Sin City) and Tom Savini (Planet Terror), while newcomers to the Grindhouse spin-off series include Amber Heard (Drive Angry), Sofía Vergara (Modern Family), Demián Bichir (A Better Life) and Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon), who is thought to be portraying one of the villains. The film is due for release some time next year.

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  • Jane doe

    Robert Rodriguez is such a talent…why does he waste it on such violent films?