Short Film Showcase – Blarghaaahrgarg (2010)

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Blarghaaahrgarg, 2010.

Written and Directed by Nuria Leon Bernardo.
Produced by Nuria Leon Bernardo, Fernando Alle, Tiago Augusto, Pedro Florêncio and Luís Henriques.
Cinematography by Tiago Augusto.
Original Music by Pedro Marques.
Starring Dinarte de Freitas, Pedro Barão Dias, Adelaide João and Luís Zhang.

Financed by the proceeds of their first short film Papá Wrestling, Blarghaaahrgarg is a fifteen minute comedy horror from independent Portuguese filmmakers Clones, which is described as “the story of an exterminator, a man in a dressing gown, a cat and a monster.”

As with its predecessor, Blarghaaahrgarg is another utterly bizarre effort that features some hilariously over-the-top violence and lashings and lashings of gore. The film took second prize at the Horrorvision Horror-Trash Film Festival in 2010, and has also enjoyed a host of screenings around the world, including the UK, Italy and the United States. For more information, visit Clones’ official website.

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