Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3

Martin Deer on his reaction to the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises…

My initial reaction… HOLY HALLOWEEN!

This is one of the greatest trailers I’ve seen, the way it slowly builds and just shows the pure hopelessness and despair that Gotham seems to be facing. If you’re yet to see the new trailer, watch it here.

There is of course some wonderful imagery in there and some great questions raised, so here… we… go…

The biggest question raised for me is, who knows Batman is Bruce Wayne and when do they find out? We see John Blake (Dick Grayson, please be Dick Grayson) ask Selina if they’ve killed him, presumably referring to Batman. If that’s the case, does Bruce know Selina is Catwoman by the time he fights and loses to Bane? Does John Blake know? And given that Blake is addressing Selina, does he know she is Catwoman? So many great questions raised by that one little snippet of dialogue. If they do know, does this mean that Gotham comes to know Batman is Bruce Wayne before he returns? It’s been speculated, and credit to Sean over at Modern Myth Media for first pointing it out, that what if when Batman takes on Bane again in the showdown on the streets of Gotham the people of Gotham actually know they are standing with Bruce Wayne as Batman? That has the potential to be a wonderful climax and this new trailer raises a few questions that could point to this being the case.

The pure devastation it seems that Bane is going to cause is on a monumental scale. We see him taking out Gotham’s bridges, leaving the city totally isolated, and we see him attacking the Stock Exchange, the beating heart of Gotham’s finances. We see more of the interaction between Bane and a broken Bruce where Bruce wonders why Bane didn’t just kill him, and in what is quite a terrifying response Bane tells him that his punishment must be more severe – just what exactly is Bane planning to do to destroy The Dark Knight? The thought is chilling. And does also point to Bane being connected to the League of Shadows? Must Bruce pay for what he did to Ra’s?

We also got to see a shot I had seen before from a different angle, when back in December I went to the special screening of the Prologue, which at the end had a sizzle reel of images from the film. One of them was of a close up of Bane’s hand and in it he is was holding a broken piece of Batman’s cowl. The imagery was frightening, in this trailer we see that scene but from further out and the nonchalant way that Bane walks off and drops the cowl to the ground like he hasn’t even broken a sweat is magnificent, if not extremely worrying for the Dark Knight. Bane looks more and more like he’ll become one of the greatest – dare I say the greatest – villain we have ever seen on screen with the more we see of him.

We finally get some Catwoman to talk about, and she looks great. Any doubters of Anne Hathaway and the costume, please, just please stop it. The way she carries herself, the way she talks, the way she spinning kicks some goon whilst fighting with Batman – she looks fantastic. I was also completely sold on the way she tells Batman, “you’ve given them everything”, the quiver in her voice, the tears in her eyes; what is she trying to stop Batman from giving? His response is of course one of the most powerful moments of the trailer. Batman will not stop fighting for Gotham, as long as he has air in his lungs he will fight, and he will do what he must to protect it.

Leading on to Batman, we get some great shots in this trailer where he just looks great; on top of the sky scraper and what is one of the coolest images of Batman I have ever seen, walking through the smoke towards Gordon. It’s brilliant. Unfortunately, its place as one the best Bats images out there lasts about 30 seconds when the last shot of the trailer hits. For the entirety of this trailer I sat on the end of my bed watching this on my TV in stunned, jaw-dropped silence until: “this isn’t a car”. No, no it is not sir. WOW!

There is so much more to talk about in this trailer, but honestly right now I am too excited and just in awe of what I have seen to really process it all. That might take a few days, but I wanted to share with you my initial excitement and thoughts. One thing is for sure, this film is going to blow us away.

The Fire Rises in 79 days.

Martin Deer

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  • Nice article, well written. I have the day off on July 20, IMAX here I come!

  • I'm pretty sure that's Batman's hand on the shot of Catwoman behind the metal bars. I'm guessing she's just watched Bane destroy him and is seeing him unmasked for the first time. I agree that Catwoman looks great here, and the shot of Batman coming through the smoke is fantastic!

  • Trevor Thomas

    i think the shot in the trailer of levitt and Aramis Knight is the first sighting we have of our new Batman and Robin!!!!

  • Thefallen83

    Lost interest after Dick Grayson…

  • Martin_deer

    To clarify, I do not believe nor hope he will be Robin or Nightwing, merely that the character is Grayson sans costume. Although technically his costume would be his police uniform. I'm not a Robin fan but Graysons importance to the mythology cannot be ignored and so, yes, I do hope the JGL is in fact playing Nolan's version of Dick Grayson.