First trailer for Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise

It hasn’t been the best of years for Tom Cruise, what with his current marriage troubles, the disappointing box office returns for Rock of Ages, and the fact that he’s just hit the big Five-O. However, the Hollywood star will be hoping that 2012 ends on a high with the release of the action thriller Jack Reacher, which received its first trailer yesterday, timed neatly to coincide with his 50th birthday.

Jack Reacher marks the second directorial effort for Academy Award-winning screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) after 2000’s The Way of the Gun and is adapted from One Shot, the ninth book of British author Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book series. The film sees the Cruiser taking on the role of the eponymous former U.S. Army Military Police Major as he investigates a sniper attack on an American City, and also stars Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, James Martin Kelly, Richard Jenkins and bonkers German filmmaker Werner Herzog.

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

Jack Reacher will hope to replicate the success of last year’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol with a holiday release, opening in North American cinemas on December 21st and arriving in the UK seven days later.

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  • Bruce Chutney

    Did Tom cruise not read the books by lee child which at the start gives the reader a description of the MIGHTY Jack Reacher , height , weight , type of build . Because if he had , he would be like the rest of us Jack Reacher fans wondering who would make a good Jack Reacher ? One thought was someone like Hugh Jackman but even I came to the conclusion that he would be to short in height and build

  • Luke

    I think you are under-estimating Mr. Cruise's ego. I reckon he read the description and thought "hey! that sounds exactly like me!"