Martin Sheen is joining Anger Management as Charlie Sheen’s dad

Charlie Sheen’s real life father, Martin Sheen, has been cast as Charlie’s dad on his show Anger Management. Martin will make his first appearance in this season’s ninth episode and will become a full time cast member, as long as the show is renewed.

Anger Management premiered to a record 5.74 million viewers with its first episode, making it the most-watched scripted comedy broadcast in cable history. The show has received mixed reviews from critics but most audiences appear to be enjoying it. FX has agreed to a very interesting deal where if the first season of Anger Management meets a certain ratings mark they will renew the show for 90 more episodes. It hasn’t been renewed yet but as long as it’s ratings stay where they’ve been we’ll be seeing a lot more Anger Management in the future.

Martin Sheen was just recently seen in The Amazing Spider-Man as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben. He was also in The Way alongside his other son, Emilio Estevez. where he played his father in the movie. Sheen is a very competent actor so he might be able to bring a little something to the show to make the critics enjoy it a little more.

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