Principal photography on The Human Centipede 3 set for the States

Ilona Six, producer of The Human Centipede, has today confirmed details about director Tom Six’s plans to extend his notorious biological horror tale with a third and final chapter in the controversial series, The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence): “For all you fans of the Centipede Sequence Series, Principal photography on Human Centipede 3 will take place in the Southern states of the U.S and Writer-director Tom Six himself will play a supporting role in the film,” announced the producer in a statement released today. “The American finale will be 100% politically incorrect and will answer questions left lingering from the first films. The Human Centipede 3 will have a 500+ person pede. XXXXL American style!”

Inspired by a conversation over appropriate punishment for convicted paedophiles, The Human Centipede (First Sequence) was released in 2010 and went on to win a number of international awards as well as gaining a cult following. It also led to the sequel The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) the following year, which made headlines when it was banned outright in the UK by the BBFC, who suggested that the follow-up fell foul of the Obscene Publications Act and could pose “a real, as opposed to a fanciful, risk that harm is likely to be caused to potential viewers”. Eventually, the BBFC relented and classified a heavily cut version of the film, which eventually arrived in the UK late last year.

In addition to the confirmation of The Human Centipede 3, Monster Pictures has also announced that it will release the first two movies together in limited 4-disc Blu-ray SteelBook and DVD double-pack editions here in the UK on October 29th.

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