Dolph Lundgren heading to the small screen for Rescue 3

Action hero Dolph Lungdren (The Expendables) is heading to the small screen. The Swedish actor will make his television debut with a new TV series entitled Rescue 3, where he is set to play Captain John Mathews, a reluctant hero and career firefighter and lifeguard who leads a specialized unit comprised of experts in air, fire and water rescue.
The show is described by The Hollywood Reporter as being centered on Southern California’s elite multi-agency task force and consists of the top-tier L.A. lifeguards, firefighters and coast guard agencies with each episode revolving around a rescue involving all three emergency services.
Lundgren is a Hollywood action veteran who has starred in memorable films such as Rocky VI, appearing as the Soviet powerhouse boxer Ivan Drago, as well as a Bond Villain in 1985’s A View to a Kill alongside Roger Moore. It appears that the 80s action man comeback is in full swing with the popularity of The Expendables movies as well as forthcoming films from fellow 80s action heroes Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, such as Bullet to the Head, The Last Stand and The Tomb.

Rescue 3 is set to premiere in autumn 2013.

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