Game of Thrones season 3 set video

Filming on the King’s Landing scenes of the third season of HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones wrapped in the coastal city of Dubrovnik, Croatia this past week, but before the production moved on Croatian internet television channel DrubrovnikTV managed to grab some interviews with show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and executive producer Frank Doelger, as well as capturing behind-the-scenes footage of a scene between Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillan) and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner).

Adapted from the first half of the third book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga, A Storm of Swords, the third season is set to expand the already enormous ensemble cast with a host of new characters, including Brynden Tully (Clive Russell), Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies), Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer), (Oldenna Tyrell (Diana Rigg), Ramsay Snow (Iwan Rheon), Selyse Baratheon (Tara Fitzgerald), Thoros of Myr (Paul Kaye) and Orell (Mackenzie Crook), as well as Mance Rayder (Ciaran Hinds), the ‘King-Beyond-the-Wall’.

Take a look at the set video here:

Game of Thrones season three will premiere on HBO on March 31st, 2013.

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