Zach Helm hired to write Jumanji remake

The remake train pulls into the station once again…

Several sources are reporting that Stranger Than Fiction writer Zach Helm has been hired to pen a remake of the 1995 Robin Williams movie Jumanji, which is to be produced by Matt Tolmach and Bill Teitler, the former of whom worked on this year’s The Amazing Spider-Man.

Directed by Joe Johnston, Jumanji was based on the 1981 Chris Van Allsburg book of the same name about a magical board game which releases wild animals and killer plants with each turn. The film also starred Bonnie Hunt (The Green Mile), Kirsten Dunst (the Spider-Man trilogy), Bradley Pierce (The Borrowers) and Bebe Neuwirth (Fraiser), and made a name for itself with its (at the time) ground breaking special effects. The film had a pseudo-sequel in 2005 directed by Jon Favreau called Zathura.

Ted Field, executive producer on the original, will also act as executive producer on the remake which currently has no release date.

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  • Jasper

    Why??? Clearly Hollywood has no originality left.