New Man of Steel images featuring Superman, General Zod and Jor-El

Man of Steel is a mere 137 days away – not that we’re counting – and marketing for the film will soon be ramping up to no doubt epic proportions. Today has given us a glimpse of said marketing, as Empire magazine’s March issue is devoted to Man of Steel, with Henry Cavill gloriously gracing the cover:

Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel

Also seen are the first official images of Zod (Michael Shannon) and Jor-El (Russell Crowe), with the former looking very much the hardened war machine that we expect from Zod, and hopefully we will get a much better glimpse at him in the next full theatrical trailer.

Michael Shannon General Zod Man of Steel

Russell Crowe Jor-El Man of Steel

As soon as I saw the image of Cavill I immediately thought of Jim Lee’s defining works on Superman during Brian Azzarello’s run from #204 to #215. Cavill does so very much look the part, and is definitely channeling Lee’s Man of Steel. Perhaps this is a missed opportunity, as to have Cavill in that pose with his cape billowing would be iconic, with the comic seemingly having come to life.


The excitement grows for this film, and whilst I can wait for it (it’s all about enjoying the ride after all) I cannot wait for the marketing to start as that is when the fun begins. It seems thankfully, that we are on the cusp of its commencement.

Empire magazine is out this week, and I shall definitely be picking it up. Meanwhile Man of Steel hits cinemas on June 14th.

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