Eternal Descent rises again as IDW Publishing releases Volume 2

So what do you get when you combine heavy metal with fantasy?  The answer is Eternal Descent Volume 2 where guitarists Joe Satriani, Gus G. Michael Amott and Misha Mansoor battle each other amongst feuding demons and angels.

With the fallen Sirian consigned to his fate and Lyra consumed by her inner demons, Loki’s designs draw ever closer to their terrible conclusion. As the conflict rips into the fabric of time, Gus G. returns with an unlikely guide, offering a glimmer of hope for our heroes… The disturbance reaches far across the universe and heralds the arrival of Joe Satriani, The Extremist, whose incredible energies bring balance to the cosmos, but leave our world consumed by Khaos magic. Michael Amott lies at the heart of this volatile new reality, empowered by mysterious amber artifacts and rivaled only by Misha Mansoor, a time-traveling wanderer wielding unparalleled technology! 

British guitarist and comic creator Llexi Leon, has teamed with American animator Shaun McLaughlin and DC Comics writer Justin Peniston to produce the 200 page graphic novel which is collection of six single issues and features an exclusive ‘Cobalt’ one-shot, and extensive art galleries.  The unholy saga has expanded into multi-media universe by producing animated shorts, limited edition ESP guitars, a signature Digitech ­effects pedal and an upcoming video game.

Eternal Descent Volume 2 arrives in March 2013

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