First trailer for Gallowwalkers starring Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes Gallowwalkers Wesley Snipes has been out of the straight-to-video action circuit for a few years now, what with his incarceration for tax evasion and all, but the former Blade star will celebrate his freedom this year by getting back down to business with a long-overdue North American release for the supernatural western Gallowwalkers, which has just received a first official trailer courtesy of distributors VMI Entertainment.

Directed by Andrew Goth (Cold and Dark), Gallowwalkers sees Snipes as a cursed gunman whose victims come back to life. Hunted by a posse of his undead foes, he must enlist a young warrior (Riley Smith; 90210) to fight by his side. Also featuring in the cast are Kevin Howarth (The Last Horror Movie), Simona Brhlíková (Casino Royale), Tanit Phoenix (Safe House), Patrick Bergin (Patriot Games) and Diamond Dallas Page (The Devil’s Rejects).

Check out the trailer here:

Gallowwalkers is due for release later this year.

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