Flickering Myth at the BAFTAs Live!

Oliver Davis reports live from the BAFTA red carpet…

18.46 – John C. Reilly

18.43 – A blink-and-you’ll-miss-him Quentin Tarantino

18.40 – (sung to the Kaiser Chiefs’ Ruby) Judi Judi Judi Judi… Dench.

18.36 – Jack Whitehall

18.32 – Helen Mirren has pink hair.

18.32 – Anne Hathaway!

18.31 – George Clooney!

18.22 – a very quick Ben Affleck.

18.17 – the Bond girl I can’t spell the name of!

18.07 – Tom Hiddleston! …who looks like Michael Fassbender.

18.05 – Vince Cable just walked past in a very snazzy hat.

18.03 – Christopher…um, Biggins?

18.02 – Jennifer Garner on the phone.

18.00 – Stephen Fry was in a rush because he “has to finish the script”.

17.57 – Hugh Jackman! …more like Huge Jackman. He’s really tall.

17.49 – That’s Jennifer Lawrence in this photo. My picture taking skills are deteriorating with the cold.

17.46 – the back of Leigh Francis’ head! Also, it just started snowing.

17.23 – And now so has Billy Connolly’s.

17.10 – Paloma Faith’s hair has just arrived.

16.51 – Attractive people are starting to arrive. They’re also getting wet.

16.33 – Dermot O’Leary is still the nicest person in the world. Even when it’s raining. He’s bantering with anyone in close proximity.

Did I mention it’s raining?

16.36 – still raining. The red carpet makes a squishy noise whenever anyone walks upon it. A cameraman for Nine Network Australia was just consumed whole by it.

16.30 – Richard Arnold on the phone. Aaaand it’s still raining.

16.21 – Mark Kermode says it’s impossible to pick a big winner because there’s such a wide spread of films.

He also says Daniel Craig is the best Bond we’ve ever had, and Skyfall is by far his favourite 007 movie.

He thinks Skyfall and Les Miserables for Best British Film is too close to call.

He’s now picking Argo as the “one everyone likes,” and thinks it might be a surprise hit. Now he’s bashing 3D again, but does admit Life of Pi is excellent.

16.18 – MASSIVE CELEB ALERT: I’m told that’s the guy from Newsround

16.11 – Flackers and Dermot on the wet carpet.

16.05 – The wet carpet.

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Oliver Davis

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  • Simon

    My God! Its Lizo Mzimba! Not on newsround anymore … with the big boys at BBC News entertainment