Trailer for the Batman documentary Legends of the Knight

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy may be over and the next incarnation years ahead of us, but there is a Batman film in production as we speak that requires as much attention and will likely resonate with us all far more than any blockbuster Dark Knight film could do.

The film I’m talking about is an independent not for profit documentary titled Legends of the Knight from Brett Culp, which will explore the power of storytelling in shaping a persons life and most importantly how that storytelling can be a strong positive influence on someone to make theirs and other peoples lives better. As a huge Batman fan, Brett is focusing on how The Batman has inspired people for over 70 years and through speaking with a variety of people, he is looking to share the power of Bruce Wayne’s story with a wider audience.

A trailer was released today, which shows off some of the inspiring stories the film will tackle, most notably of which is the story of 5 year old, Kye Sapp, who battled cancer using the spirit of his favourite hero to turn personal tragedy in to something positive. Also featuring in the film are the legendary figures of Michael Uslan and Denny O’Neill. Check out the trailer here:

This film has struck a chord with me. Batman has been my hero since I was 5 years old and sat behind the sofa peeking round at the television through my hands as my dad watched Batman (1989). He has inspired me through tough times and will continue to do so for the rest of my life, as it will for countless others, a few of whom will feature in this film to tell their story.

Currently Legends of the Knight sits at just under half way of its $31,850 funding target on Kickstarter; if you’re a fan of Batman, or any other fictional character that has inspired you, or just a fan of the power of film and storytelling back this film if you can, and help share the power of The Batman.

To quote a friend – what would Bruce Wayne do?

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