Who are the Justice League, Funny People in Guardians of the Galaxy and Arnie’s Triplets – all in the latest MGCTv Podcast

MGCTv is a podcast that reviews Movies, Games, Comics…and TV. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s exactly what us here at Flickering Myth obsess over, too. So in the spirit of world domination  friendly cooperation, Co-Editor Oli will appear on a special crossover episode once a month. It’s like if the Alien vs Predator films were done well.

In the January episode we cover…

-Arnold Schwarzenegger in Triplets.

-Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey in Guardians of the Galaxy.

-When we can expect the next Batman film and which characters make up the Justice League.

-…and Oli continues to hang from the defensive barricades of Les Miserables against critical bombardment.

Download it for free on iTunes, or head over to the MGCTv website and listen there. Again, for absolutely zero dollar. You lucky, lucky things.

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