Wonder Woman proof of concept trailer

If you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the long gestating Wonder Woman movie, then Jesse V. Johnson has a temporary fix for you with this pitch reel, a faux trailer for a Wonder Woman film which – judging by the trailer – I for one would really want to see. Not just because the tone is very interesting, not just because it’s got Peter Stormare in it, and not because B-movie God Matthias Hues also appears, but because it looks a damn sight better than most of the rumours over the last 10 years (including Megan Fox) would promise to deliver.

I’m no stranger to Johnson’s work. One might assume from the pitch reel that he’s yet to dip his toes into the directing waters. However the stuntman turned director has done a string of low budget films over the years. One thing has proved consistent though – the films always look bigger than their small budgets and his background in the stunt world proves useful when it comes to blowing stuff up. He’s not merely a blow-em-up specialist either – Johnson has also proven adept at drawing decent performances from actors. In the B-movie world it’s not uncommon for actors – particularly once-big name stars appearing for a pay cheque – to phone in a performance, but folks like Keith David, Robert Davi, Eric Roberts, Raymond J. Barry, Steven Bauer and more have all turned in memorable performances for the man. Roberts in particular was as good as he’s been in years in The Butcher.

Having followed Johnson’s work with interest since Pit Fighter (a pretty decent little film about, well… pit fighting) I’d like to see him given a shot with a bigger budget. Hell I’d like to see his Wonder Woman! Anyone sparked by curiosity regarding Johnson’s work are in luck as The Package starring Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren is due out Monday in the UK and it delivers.We have 3 copies up for grabs here, and be sure to check back on Monday for our review.

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