Digital Domain hires Terry Clotiaux while Joanna Capitano and Lisa Beroud receive promotions

A veteran VFX executive has been named as Vice President of Feature Film Production for Digital Domain; Terry Clotiaux will be responsible for all feature film productions in the California and Vancouver studios, will be reporting to CEO Ed Ulbrich.  “Terry is a true pro; a leader who is well respected here and across the visual effects industry for his integrity as much as his operational expertise,” stated Ulbrich.  “He is a great team-builder.”

The new recruit is happy to be returning the digital production company where he was the EP of the Feature Film Division from 2007 to 2009 and worked on features such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and 2012.  “After 35 years in every kind of production imaginable, one recognizes that truly exciting new challenges are rare,” remarked Cloitaux.  “That’s how I feel about re-joining Digital Domain. With the support of our new ownership and the vision of the company under Ed’s leadership I am confident that the new Digital Domain will be its best ever. I’m honoured to be part of the senior management team at this point in the company and at this time in our industry.”

Digital Domain also promoted long-time VFX Marketing Director Joanna Capitano to Executive Producer while elevating Executive Producer, Lisa Beroud, to a member of the company’s senior management team.  “Joanna has been a constant, high-achieving presence at Digital Domain since the beginning,” stated Ed Ulbrich.  “She and Lisa are valued resources to the studios and a source of enormous support for our internal teams. Together, Terry, Joanna and Lisa make a fantastic, well-matched team as Digital Domain moves forward in our business.”

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  • I am bewildered. Digital Domain announces the hiring of a new executive and the promotions of two other people. Yet, in my news feed reports say: "the now-defunct Digital Domain continues to liquidate its many assets. You would be confused too after you read a "New Way to Fail in America" about the demise of Digital Domain.

  • Legion

    DD is hurting if they chose Clotiaux for this role.