Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman and Library of American Comics

The classic newspaper adventures of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are being reprinted.  “We’re thrilled to announce a comprehensive publishing program for these historic strips,” said Greg Goldstein, IDW President and COO. “The Library of American Comics is the premier home for archival newspaper strips and this new partnership with DC Entertainment further cements the imprint’s reputation as second to none.”

As of result of the new publishing initiative the complete comics of DC’s biggest heroes will be released in three sub-sets, The Silver Age, The Atomic Age, and The Golden Age.  Pete Poplaski has been hired to create covers for each book which harken back to the original artwork.

Fans will be treated in July 2013 with Superman: The Silver Age Newspaper Dailies, Vol. 1: 1958-1961 which will include 800 strips drawn by Curt Swan, Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye.  “It’s like discovering an entire alternate universe of famous Silver Age comic book stories,” said Dean Mullaney, LOAC Creative Director who’s editing and designing the series. “It’s better than an imaginary story—it’s Jerry Siegel doing a remake of his classic Superman’s Return to Krypton! …it’s Curt Swan, not Al Plastino, drawing The Menace of Metallo. Superman fans might want to consider these strips as taking place on a brand new world— Earth-N for Newspapers!”

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