Marvel goes Android while unveiling Angela and cover for New Avengers #9

Expanding from the world of Apple to Google, Marvel Unlimited is now available on Android TM devices via Google Play.  The subscription app will allow access to over 13,000 comics which can be read in multiple digital platforms due to a partnership with Chaotic Moon Studios. 
“It’s exciting to bring Marvel Unlimited to Android TM devices and introduce this unparalleled comics reading experience to a whole new group of fans!”, explained Peter Phillips, SVP & General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group. “This is just one of many exciting announcements you can expect surrounding Marvel Unlimited over the next few months!”
A special offer is being made available where new members can join Marvel Unlimited for an annual membership of $59.88 if they sign up before May 15, 2013.
A newly designed Angela will be appearing in the Marvel Universe courtesy of artist Joe Quesada with the arrival of Age of Ultron #10
“Angela is going to make her mark rather quickly; she’s going to hit the ground running and cut a large swath through the Marvel Universe – both literally and metaphorically,” explained Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer, Marvel Entertainment.  “We have huge plans for her, and the mystery of who she is and where she comes from is something I think Marvel fans are going to be blown away by.  Actually, I know they will!”
Also returning after a six year absence is Neil Gaiman who co-created the galactic bounty hunter with Todd McFarlane; Gaiman will be teaming with writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli which will result in a new story arc commencing with Guardians of the Galaxy #5.

 “It’s no coincidence that Angela’s debut comes around a time when we’re reminding fans that there’s a reason we call the space our stories take place in, the Marvel Universe,” said Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief, Marvel Entertainment. “What Neil and Brian have planned for the character in Guardians of the Galaxy is going to definitely turn some heads, and nobody can miss where it goes from there!”

Age of Ultron #10goes on sale June 19, 2013 while Guardians of the Galaxy #5 arrives on July 24, 2013.
The Infinity saga grows to encompass the New Avengers thanks to the creative collaboration between writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Mike Deodato.

“As with Avengers, Jonathan’s issues of New Avengers are a critical part of the overall Infinity story. There are elements that were set into place in the earliest issues of the series that he and Deo will be paying off on here.” explained Executive Editor, Tom Brevoort, Marvel Entertainment. “You could maybe enjoy Infinity without them, but you’re really not going to want to.” 

With the Avengers fending off an intergalactic threat on the edges of the Marvel Universe, Earth becomes the most vulnerable planet in the system! Enter Thanos, the galaxy’s most ruthless threat and an unparalleled force of brutality who brings order to the chaos of life through murder. Earth’s last hope may lie in the hands of a man who can level cities with a single whisper – Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans. But is the combined might of the clandestine group of Avengers enough to push back Thanos and his deadly group of lieutenants – the Cull Obsidian?
New Avengers #9goes on sale August 2013.

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