Spirit Entertainment to bring a selection of horror classics to DVD

This coming Monday May 27th horror fans will be able to sink their teeth into a selection of classic titles on DVD courtesy of Spirit Entertainment, featuring horror legends such as Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing; read on for details of the full collection…

The Black Cat

The first pairing of horror greats Lugosi and Karloff, The Black Cat is a dark and macabre film. A young couple, Peter (David Manners) and Joan Allison (Julie Bishop) are honeymooning in Hungary. Traveling by train they share a compartment with Dr Werdegast (Lugosi), a freed POW who seeks news of his wife and daughter and vengeance on Hjalmar Poelzig (Karloff), the man whose betrayal lead to his imprisonment.

When the trio’s bus from the station gets into an accident, the young couple accompany Werdegast to Poelzig’s futuristic mansion, built on top of an old graveyard. Poelzig’s attention to Joan, and her uncharacteristic behaviour, compels the couple to pack their bags until they learn they are being held captive. With Werdegast swearing revenge and out for retribution, the honeymooners soon find themselves trapped in the two men’s horrifying battle of wits.

The Raven

Following the success of The Black Cat Karloff and Lugosi teamed up again for another classic slice of horror. Lugosi gives one of his finest performances as the brilliant but deranged surgeon who becomes obsessed with a beautiful dancer after saving her life. He must have her but first must deal with her fiancé and father and plans to take care of them in his chamber of Edgar Allen Poe-inspired torture devices. To do the dirty work he enlists the aid of a wanted criminal (Karloff) whom he disfigures with the promise of restoring his features when the job is done.

The Legend of Hell House

It sits there, shrouded in mist and mystery, a nesting place for living evil and terror from the dead. It’s Hell House. Roddy McDowall heads up the cast of this exciting chiller about four psychic investigators and the dark, brooding mansion they themselves call “the Mount Everest of haunted houses.” It’s already destroyed one team of researchers. Now this brave quartet ventures in for another try at unravelling its secrets. But before they succeed, they must suffer through madness, murder and everything else the spirits that dwell here have in store for them. Yet learning the truth just might drive them all insane. An ingeniously-devised ghost story, The Legend of Hell House will thrill and delight veteran horror fans from the first creaking door to the very last slithering shadow.

Black Friday

Mild-mannered College professor George Kingsley (Stanley Ridges) is caught in a bloody gangster shoot out and is gravely injured. Kingsley’s close friend Dr. Ernest Sovac (Boris Karloff) preforms an emergency operation replacing the damaged section of Kingsley’s brain with that of injured gangster Red Cannon (Bela Lugosi). But while the operation is a success, Kingsley experiences disastrous ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ side effects, occasionally taking on the more brutal aspects of Cannon’s personality.

While under one of his ‘spells’, Kingsley reveals the existence of a stash of stolen money. Struggling to control his greed, Sovac hypnotizes Kingsley bringing out his alter ego, hoping to get information on the location of the money. But hypnosis brings Kingsley closer to madness, with his personalities alternating between docile professor and brutal gangster, out for revenge.

The Phantom Lady

Scott Henderson (Alan Curtis) is drowning his sorrows after yet another fight with his wife. At a local bar, he meets a woman and they strike up a conversation. Sensing the woman is also feeling down and not wishing to be alone, he invites her to the theatre. She agrees under one condition; she does not wish to divulge her name, preferring to remain anonymous.

When Henderson returns home he finds police officers waiting for him. His wife has been murdered, strangled with one of his neckties, and he is the main suspect. Maintaining his innocence he suggests they go back and speak with someone who might provide an alibi. But no one seems to remember the mysterious lady.

Charged with the murder of his wife, it seems Scott Henderson will face the electric chair if he cannot prove his innocence. His only hope just might be his loyal secretary Carol “Kansas” Richman (Ella Raines). Can she find the phantom lady before it’s too late?


Paul Toombes (Vincent Price), veteran Hollywood horror film star, is making a comeback in a new TV series based on the old “Dr. Death” movies which first made him world famous.

The trouble with Paul is his past. A beautiful young actress to whom he was engaged to be married was found murdered in strange circumstances. Although acquitted after standing trial for the killing, Paul’s career was shattered and the breakdown he suffered left him an unbalanced wreck.

Now twenty years on, his old actor-friend Herbert Flay (Peter Cushing) welcomes him back to the role. But the curse of Dr. Death strikes again as a series of gruesome murders drag Paul into his past and he begins to wonder if he is in the grip of impulses totally beyond his control

Scream and Scream Again

Police are called in to investigate a series of brutal murders. At first they believe the deaths are unrelated, until pathologist David Sorel (Christopher Matthews) performs a post-mortem revealing that each body has been sucked dry of blood, giving the appearance of the work of vampires.

Ordered by a government official to destroy the evidence, the police drop the case. But Sorel refuses to stop looking into the mystery. In an attempt to capture the crazed killer he is led to the mysterious mansion of Dr. Browning (Vincent Price), where he finds a secret operating theatre; a workshop for the creation of super humans out of limbs and organs from living bodies.

But in a sadistic twist, the mastermind behind Browning’s evil deeds pushes him into a vat of acid, putting a grisly end to his diabolical plans.

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