The Flickering Myth Podcast #11 – Man of Steel Roundtable

The Flickering Myth team discuss Man of Steel…

As one of the biggest movies of 2013, the Flickering Myth writing staff decided to get together and talk about Man of Steel.

Fair warning: There is spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers.

We discuss the film in full detail including Henry Cavill as Superman, the father/son themes of the movie, the final third and Superman’s “actions” as well as our hopes/thoughts on Man of Steel 2.

Read Martin Deer’s ★★★★★ review here.

Read Rohan Morbey’s ★★★ review here.

The episode is now live so if you refresh your iTunes or RSS feed it should automatically update. However, you can also listen to Episode #11 directly in the player below:

Next week, co-editor Trevor Hogg sits down with some of the visual effects crew from Iron Man 3 to discuss their work.

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