Summer Gaming Bargains

Andy Naylor with a selection of summer gaming bargains…

The autumn and winter games bonanza is nearly upon us. The Christmas releases are so close that you can almost taste them, not to mention that this is super-mega-brilliant-awesome bonus year with the release of the next generation of consoles. But in the meantime, all we’ve had for the past few months is the epic The Last of Us to stave off those gaming withdrawal symptoms.

Never fear. To pass the next 4-6 weeks I have scoured the internet for the latest gaming bargains to keep you entertained, in case the glorious summer weather burns you as much as it does me.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the iPad for an incredible £1.99! This is simply a steal at that price. It is arguable the greatest RPG of all time. Completion time is around the 35 hours mark (70 if you wish to play as a Jedi then start again and follow the dark side of the Sith), and despite being 10 years old it still looks damn fine. I implore you iPad owners to buy this, and it doesn’t suffer from dodgy touchscreen controls either.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the PS3. For those of you that haven’t been convinced by PlayStation Plus then just look at the quality of free downloadable games on offer from it, especially compared to Microsoft’s appalling offerings in a laughable attempt to compete. Anyway, the latest constant free offering is the superb strategic XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The combination of excellent gameplay with an enthralling story makes for one of the stand out games of recent years. Any time you put into this game will be rewarded with great satisfaction.

Angry Birds Star Wars for a whole variety of mobile devices. If you’re an Android phone/tablet owner then the entire Angry Birds catalogue is yours at a tap of a screen. If you’re an Apple snob, like me, then Angry Birds Star Wars is currently free on the App Store. It’s not the kind of game to spend hour upon hour on, it’s far too frustrating for that, put for some quick and addictive pick up and play when you have a few spare minutes, then you will struggle to better this and it’s unique brand of family friendly humour.

Grand Theft Auto III & Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for phones and PCs via Steam for £2.99 each. The most anticipated game of the year is only a few months away, so why not fill the time in between playing, or replaying, some of the greatest games to grace the Xbox and PS2. By now you should be what they are and the enjoyment they can give.

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