Watch Bruce Willis give another awkward interview


Promoting a movie can be a testing affair. Sitting in nondescript hotel rooms with only your film poster as backdrop, cycling through hundreds of journalists asking pretty much the same questions over a course of months. It’s surprising more actors don’t break.

In happier times…

Bruce Willis is one of those select few. After a rambling “jet-lagged” interview on The One Show earlier this year to promote the aptly named A Good Day to Die Hard, Willis has followed up with an even more uncomfortable press junket while promoting Red 2 (watch below).

As he points out, “this part is not acting…we’re just selling the film now. Sales. The fun part was making the movie” (cut to slightly destroyed interviewer)…

Red 2, for what it’s worth, is out now in the USA and opens in the UK 2nd August. It stars Bruce Willis as Frank, John Malkovich as Marvin, Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah, Helen Mirren as Victoria, Anthony Hopkins as Bailey, Byung-hun Lee as Han Cho Bai and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Katja.

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