Watch 5 minutes of zombie comedy Stalled

Already making some waves around the United States, British zombie-comedy Stalled had it’s UK premiere at this year’s FrightFest. After the first screening sold out, a further two were added – and it wasn’t easy to get tickets for those!

Our own Luke Owen praised the movie in his ★★★★★ review stating that, “Christian James and Dan Palmer have cracked the code to produce one of the best horror comedies of all-time, and the easily best zom-com since Shaun of the Dead.”

But Luke wasn’t the only one – famed horror critic and superfan Kim Newman also praised the movie by calling it the “worthy successor to Shaun of the Dead“. Here’s the film’s (brief) synopsis:

“A janitor gets trapped in a women’s restroom and encounters an all-out attack by a hoard of zombies.”

Courtesy of Fangoria, who are hosting a free screening of the movie in Dallas, Texas next month, here is a 5-minute clip of Stalled:

Stalled is directed by Christian James and stars Dan Palmer who also wrote the script. There is no release date for the movie in the UK yet, but the Flickering Myth writing staff are hoping to hear about one soon.

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