World War Z: An Honest Trailer

World War Brad

Screen Junkies have posted their latest ‘honest trailer’ – a four minute or so piece of film criticism using the ‘In a world…’ voiceover style – and this time they’ve sunk their zombie-infected teeth into Brad Pitt’s World War Z.

As always, it’s rather funny, and emphasises every flaw, no matter how miniscule. Which include…

– All the things they dropped from the source material.

– Really BUY contrived THIS product PEPSI placement

– Brat Pitt’s non-everyman character (an ‘onlyman’?)

– …and a whole starring cast of Zombie Movie Cliches.

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  • Thought this one was pretty weak the pepsi played an important part of the scene and Brad’s character was trained in surviving hostile environments. Just wondering how much they payed attention to the movie