Marvel works some magic resulting in the return of Miracleman

Originally appearing in Warrior Magazine, the tale of an ordinary individual given extraordinary powers will be transformed into a new Marvel series courtesy of creators Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham.
“We’ve been working with the Miracleman artists to obtain original artwork or photostats in every instance possible, and then applying the same painstaking restoration methods and rigorous quality standards that are utilized on the Marvel Masterworks line,” stated SVP of Marvel Publishing David Gabriel. “The Marvel Special Projects team have even been developing some new techniques specifically for this project. These Miraclemanissues will receive the most advanced restoration possible to ensure the most authentic reading experience. The art is crisp, clear, and looks as good – if not better than the day it was published! Also, the stories are being completely relettered to meet today’s standards.”
“The tragedy of Miraclemanwas that we published two issues, wrote three and a half – and then it all stopped,” Neil Gaiman remarked in an interview with “And Miracleman #25 has been sitting in the darkness – nobody has seen it. It was drawn, written, and lettered over 20 years ago.”  Each issue will include new art, interviews with the creators as well as new covers from the likes of Mark Buckingham, Alan Davis, John Cassaday, Skottie Young, and Leinil Francis Yu.  “I love the idea that I will get to finish this story.”

Miracleman #1arrives in print and digital versions in January 2014.

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