Seann William Scott and Jackie Chan team up for Skiptrace

About 10 years ago, Seann William Scott was quite popular as a comedy/action hybrid star. He graduated from American Pie, starred in a few action films such as Welcome to the Jungle, Bulletproof Monk, and the occasional other comedy like Evolution. Since he’s been away from the screen other than the somewhat overrated American Pie sequels. His hiatus is now set to change as The Hollywood Reporter is claiming Seann William Scott is set to team up with action legend Jackie Chan ( for a film known simply as Skiptrace. In the director’s chair is relatively new talent Sam Fell (Paranorman).

Chan pitched the story himself, which involves a cop (Chan) whose niece (Fan Bingbing) finds herself in danger with the very same gang that Chan had been trying to catch for several years. Somehow a motor-mouth American gambler gets involved (Scott) who for some reason is a crucial part of the puzzle in solving the case. Exclusive Media and China’s Talent International seemingly thought this was a good idea, but it could be implied that both actors are past their prime for this kind of film. It seems relatively similar to Rush Hour and the whole project reeks of 2002. Nevertheless, it could pull some laughs if the script is decent.

More news as it comes.

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