Deleted scene from Return of the Jedi reveals Yoda’s deception

Deleted Return of the Jedi scene reveals Yoda's deception

Over the past month, a series of clips, bloopers and trailers for the original Star Wars trilogy have leaked and today, maybe the most revealing clip has surfaced. The scene in question comes from Return of the Jedi, the weakest of the original series, and finds Yoda on his death bed, telling Luke Skywalker that “Obi-Wan would have told you [that Vader was your father] long ago had I let him.”

This would have totally changed the emotional heft of Return of the Jedi and frankly, it would have made it a far better film. Return of the Jedi in truth is a two hour toy commercial and it would have been nice to see the tone shift to something far darker. It would also change the ethical nature of the film, and perhaps even have influenced any future films…