The Flickering Myth Podcast #15 – Stalled Interview with Christian James and Dan Palmer

The Flickering Myth Podcast returns…

Ahead of this Thursday’s screening of Stalled at The Prince Charles Cinema in London (buy your tickets here), Flickering Myth Co-Editor Luke Owen sat down with its director Christian James and writer/star Dan Palmer to discuss the movie.

It’s Evil Dead meets Phone Booth!

It’s Christmas Eve. WC, a tired janitor on his final shift, wearily enters the ladies restroom. He doggedly goes about his chores whilst an office party (to which he is not invited) takes place.  

Two drunken office girls enter, so WC lays down his tool-box and hides in the centre stall. When the girls’ inebriated antics turn amorous WC cannot help but take a sneaky peak. Moments later he is horrified to witness one of the girls SAVAGED by her rabid pal! 

Blood spurting across the restroom our clueless custodian attempts to escape – only to find a hoard of the undead piling into the public toilet.  Before he knows it; he finds himself trapped within the confines of a cubicle. 

WC is quite literally STALLED!

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