Turbo Fast to premiere on Netflix this month

Netflix is breaking into new territory and has picked up Turbo Fast to add to its slate. This is a spin-off from the animated movie Turbo which came out this past summer and is Netflix’s first original show to be primarily for kids, with their other programmes being decidedly adult (Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove). This will also be the first time that an entire series won’t be available to binge watch at once.

Netflix will only be releasing five episodes on December 24th, and the rest will come out in 2014 due to production not being completed.  It also has a 2D animated look, which is new for DreamWorks who have been definitively 3D animated.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation had this to say: ” We’ve long said that Netflix is revolutionizing the television industry and now we are thrilled to officially be a part of it… They have been fantastic partners whose vision has given our characters an amazing platform to be enjoyed by families around the world.”

Here’s the trailer for Turbo Fast