Peter Parker returns as Marvel relaunches The Amazing Spider-Man with new #1

Any Spider-Man fans still upset at the death of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man #700 and the rise of Otto Octavius’ wall-crawler in the pages of The Superior Spider-Man will be glad to hear that Peter is set to return in March as Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos relaunch The Amazing Spider-Man with a new #1…

Are you glad to see Peter Parker returning, or should Marvel have stuck with The Superior Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments below…

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  • Alex

    Yes. As entertaining as Superior has been, it was mostly entertaining for its shock value and how much Slott could f*ck up Peter’s life. At some point that gets stale and goes the route and leaves and empty and bored feeling.

    I doubt they’ll waste Otto’s stint as Spider-mam go to waste. They could always go with a clone body.

  • Anonymous

    This can’t be real. Slott hates Peter Parker.

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      But Marvel has an Amazing Spider-Man movie coming out.

      • B.Dole

        No, SONY has an Amazing Spider-Man movie coming out.

        • Chris Buchheit

          Doesn’t matter. Marvel will still want to cash in on the potential sales boost from the movie by having a big Spider-Man story lined up to go with it.

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          Well, yes, but it’s still a Marvel movie. Do you think just because Sony is the producer Marvel has no stake in it? They’ll rake it in off merchandising.

  • Shomy

    I loved Superior Spider-man, Slott did a great job! But I will just say: WELCOM BACK PETER PARKER YOU GLORIOUS BASTARD!!! IMISSED YOU BUDDY!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew W.

    LOL april FOOLS

  • Herman Sextant

    This is unacceptable. For whom do they take me? I will not be content with this hideously inferior version of Spider-Man. I hope it’s just a clone with Peters mind so Otto can continue being superior in every way.

    • Cris John Ferrer

      Superior Spider-man was very good because of how smart he is in battle. But what’s wrong with him is that he ruined Peter’s life. Doc Ock was boastful and ruthless. So I am glad that Parker is going back so he can fix his life again and be the person everybody loves.

      • Scarilian

        You realise that its likely a reboot right? Set from the beginning and thus cancelling all the last history of Spider-man?

        • Cris John Ferrer

          I don’t think so. They will restore The Amazing Spider-man series because Dock Ock will soon get out of Peter’s body so the original Spider-man will be back. They won’t call it Superior Spider-man anymore if Octavious is gone. If they cancel the history of Spider-man, that would also affect the histories of other Marvel heroes or the entire main Marvel universe. You can’t just cancel The Superior Spider-man series without explaining a conclusion to it.

          • Scarilian

            Well the title is Goblin Nation with the art style suggesting a more villainous appearance – so I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if its Norman this time who inhabits the Spider-man body…

            But that aside – they were always going to cancel superior spider-man. The whole thing was an attempted idea of a redemption storyline for Doc Ock – he spends a while in Peter’s shoes – however his redemption fails when he goes back to his criminal ways and the hero returns to pick up the pieces.

        • AL

          That’s the dumbest thing i have read all day.

          • Scarilian

            Tell me – is it dumber than Doc Ock mind melding with Peter Parker and then taking over his body?

            Or maybe its dumber than Peter Parker selling his soul to the Devil sacrificing his marriage to Mary Jane in order to save Aunt May from dying?

            Or maybe its dumber than the Green Goblin using his Goblin Gas to transform Superheroes into other Green Goblins…?

            All that shit happened – so if you think my comment was dumb you really have no fucking clue how comics work.

  • TC

    In the words of Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Times infinity


      Ironic that he’s been brainwashed by the Wyatts. Storylines, everybody!

  • JizzMonster


  • Data1001

    Wow, that cover art. So, Peter Parker is being played by Brian Boitano now?

  • Jupigorg

    What i wanna know is if they’ll continue with Superior, or if they will end it as this new one begins. I’m only on issue #14, and I wanna know if I have an ending to look forward to or i should just stop and wait for these to return. I am really liking Superior, but there’s something about Good ol’ Peter Parker that I miss

  • We need Miles as Spider Man!

    • I’d be fine with that. Peter Parker was great, but do we need Peter Parker forever? Are comics so beholden to the past that we can never get any growth? Comic books are so frustrating in how the most iconic characters are so ridiculously limited in their portrayal. And that’s why Superior Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man and even Scarlet Spider have been so damn entertaining: because we get to see what other people do when trying to be Spider-Man. You can’t change the foundation, but you can build something new that uses the groundwork to create something new.

      We should applaud creators who deviate from the form, not condemn them…

      • Let’s make the Mandarin the New Iron Man in the next Marvel Now relaunch!

  • ive been enjoying the hell out of Superior Spider-Man. Slott has earned my attention, so i’ll see where it goes.

  • eliottsworld

    Superior is a fun read because it shows how a villain would go about being a hero. The spider-bots and the minions, etc. I have really enjoyed it, but I’m ready for Peter Parker to come back and pick up the pieces of his life. Also, his reaction to the fact that Otto has set him up with a little person should be interesting.

  • www:D


    • Name

      Not all of us. I like SpOck far better, and if he has to go then give me Miles.

  • JoeLipari

    Superior > Amazing

    • Cris John Ferrer

      Doc Ock messed up Peter’s life despite being a better Spider-man. But Parker was a better person than Octavious so he is the one worthy of being the web-slinger.

  • David Smith

    Finally almost done. While I kept myself in touch with the way the story was going I made it a point to never read a single issue of that stupid comic. Still not happy Slott is on it though, the hack. I don’t care if people are going inevitably defend Otto by saying Im just whining. Slott took my favorite hero, one that stood for responsible use of his abilities for the better of mankind, and turned him into an asshole-ish ego trip for otto.

    • Miguel Hernandez

      How do you know it’s stupid if you “never read a single issue”? Also, I wouldn’t call Parker responsible. He’s quit being Spider-man at least four or five times. Remember what lead to him becoming Spider-man? It was the fact that he wasn’t responsible in the first place that allowed a criminal to get away and murder Uncle Ben.

  • Arthur Chaves Toledo

    Well. I would love to know how Peter Parker will deal with his life after all the mess up by Dr Octopus. Like the new girlfriend, Parker Industries, Spider Man with a murder on his back and other things.

    • Scarilian

      Are you kidding – its pretty much the exact same situation he is always end;

      Evil/shady corporation tied with Peter’s life – Parker Industries/Oscorp
      Girlfriend who is always at risk – New Girlfriend/MJ/Gwen/Betty
      Spider-man being chased by cops/wanted

      Its the same situation just in a different light.

  • Jeff Yoders

    So glad to have the REAL Spiderman back!

  • Marcelo Abad

    I really like Otto, Ana Maria, Parker Industries, the spider-lings and the whole concept of Superior Spider-Man. I love how Otto keeps all tidy and under control. I love when he loses control too. Dr Octopus is the only comic book character i can identify with. So when he turned young, in Peter’s body, it was like a dream come true. I wish they could keep the Superior alive, or at least Otto, in a stable body. Peter Parker’s a looser, beta male, and very messed up. Besides, i don’t know why writers decided to make him dumb and deadpoolish at some point. Don’t get me wrong, i love classic spidey from the Silver Age, specially the John Romita era. I really really love those stories and specially Peter and the Master Planner of course. But now that simply doesn’t work for me as a reader. I can’t get any motivation from that. Please keep Superior Spider-Man alive.

    • Cris John Ferrer

      Otto messed up Peter Parker’s life. He did not “kept all things tidy and under control”. I don’t think Peter’s friends and family approve to your comment.

  • Jack

    I’m glad to see Amazing back but for some reason it annoys me that it’s not issue 701


    I want to believe this re-launch is true but I’m a bit pessimistic that it’s either a fake-out or set pre-700. I found Otto completely unlikable in comparison to Peter, Kaine, and Venom. IMO the sooner this superior garbage is done the better.

  • LeetheGirl

    I don’t care what the hell they do with Otto. Haven’t read it, never will, don’t care. If Peter is legitimately back I will be more than happy to read it whether Otto is still around or not.

  • dax

    He looks like andrew garfield.

  • Poof

    Am I the only one who thinks that Peter looks kind of derpy-eyed in this artwork? lol

    So glad he’s coming back. Superior was an interesting little side romp that I have, for the most part, enjoyed, but Peter Parker has been my favorite super hero since I was 12 (that’s 18 years ago!). It’s going to be amusing seeing him try to get his life back on track after this. 🙂

  • Willy W

    I’m disappointed that Superior has come to an end already. Things were obviously escalating very quickly, but I don’t think the writers ever took the series to its full potential. I would have liked to see more of Ock on the redemption path with Peter as the guiding voice in his head, and more of the evolution of his relationship with smaller players like Eugene and Black Cat.
    At any rate, fans who got so carried away thinking Peter was not going to eventually come back (as he so obviously was, even from Superior #1) have missed an amazing chapter of the Spider-Man story.