Watch two ‘Making of Pacific Rim’ featurettes from ILM

The visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic have spoiled us of late over on their YouTube account. Just days after uploading a ‘Behind the Magic’ featurette on Star Wars Into Darkness, they’ve posted two videos on the making of Guillermo del Toro’s monster vs robot blockbuster Pacific Rim.

‘Creating the Kaiju’ involves some fascinating interviews with the animators involved on how they translated del Toro’s visions onto the screen, and the challenges of making each monster a distinct personality. Whereas the ‘Visual Effects’ featurette details the layering and compositing processes of the movie. Check them both out below…

Del Toro’s next project is the television series The Strain, which revolves around a team of scientists who wage war against vampirism. It stars Corey Stoll (House of Cards) with Carlton Cuse (Lost) serving as showrunner. It will hit screens in July.

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