Batman vs. Superman begins filming, rumoured image of Ben Affleck’s Batman surfaces

Batman vs. Superman has begun shooting in Metamora Township, Michigan. Residents of the town have confirmed that filming is currently taking place on the Caley Road area, although it’s unknown at this point whether any major cast members are involved.

Meanwhile we may (emphasis on may) have got our first look at Ben Affleck as Batman, with an incredibly grainy photo having leaked over on the IMDb forums. It’s highly unlikely that Warner Bros. would allow for this to be released in such a fashion, so we can presume it’s nothing but fan art. However, it’s still pretty awesome, with the rumours of Jim Lee inspiring this current Batman incredibly evident…

So, what do you think – Real? Fake? Still awesome? Let us know…

Batman vs. Superman is set for release on May 6th, 2016 with Zack Snyder directing a cast that also includes Henry Cavill (Superman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), Laurence Fishburne (Perry White), Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) and Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth).

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  • SuperDuperChrisCooper

    As fake as fake can be I’m thinking. Though it does look good.


      This looks like what I dreamed he always should have looked

  • spark

    Looks like a doctored DareDevil mask

    • Andrew DeCriscio

      Not even dude did you even see daredevil?

  • ravissary79

    agreed…. mega fake, but also fantastic. I hope they go with something similar for the cowl. The other images I’ve seen for the body are too shiny.

  • Tw1s7

    If this was real. I’m totally up for it. If it’s fake. Oh well, but i’d be a bit disappointed.

  • Irabbit75

    Are you kidding me? With a photo that grainy it has to be the Loch Ness Monster!

  • Lu

    What kinda of camera took this picture?

    • Hueyhueyhuey

      lol exactly!!!

    • Dizzle

      An iPotato

    • Peter Brown

      The one they used on the moon of course.

  • Michael Owens

    It’s my work. Fake. Sorry everyone.

    • OC

      Apology accepted.

  • Evan

    Small ears – not like.

  • Jake

    The real thing better not have such tiny Daredevil style pointed nubs!!!

    • Luv

      You prefer them long for roasting marshmallows? ;-)

      • Queef Police


  • Anthony Samuels

    You All Mean nothing to me!!!

    • OC

      That hurts

  • McGygas

    White eyes…YEEEESSSS.



  • Earych

    I see a bunny.

  • Bob

    I cant believe that you people… IE the so called “writers” that post up on zergnet. talk about fabrication of want to be news.

    I am getting so sick of these so called articles, grow up and enough of the games.

    • JK

      lol i care, really, i do :P

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      I take exception to the fact that someone with such poor grammar skills puts the word writers in quotation marks.

      And for the record, Zergnet chose to link to this article. We don’t post up on there.

      • Luv

        The quotation usage is correct. Check your style guide.

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          I am fully aware that you can put a word in quotation marks. I’ve taken exception to the fact that he’s sarcastically put the word writers in quotation marks, when his entire comment is composed so poorly, with random full stops, incorrect formatting of i.e., lack of an apostrophe in can’t… if you’re going to be a smart arse, at least do it right.

          • Luv


  • manofsteelz

    I think personally, that this image is at the very least SIMILAR to the new suit. Why? because I think the bat ears will be shorter on the new suit due to the fact that they don’t want batman towering over superman. Ben affleck is 6’3/6’4, Henry cavil is 6’1 – it therefore makes sense for the new bat suit not to have long ears, we don’t want to see a massive height difference.

    • Kandor

      Shoot why not, towering over someone don’t mean poo, when you have the ability to punch and shatter a moon. I get what you mean though, from a marketing and film perspective I understand, it wouldn’t look right, and you want to connotate as much equality in appearance as you can.

    • mike alexander

      Meh. They can always do shoe lifts, and they are not going to be ballroom dancing.

  • Scott Konkel

    Fake pic.

  • Hueyhueyhuey


  • isis

    That looks like it’s from Arkham Origins

    • Chad Ammidown

      Not at all

  • mark bigford

    looks cool

  • Syrin

    Quick Robin ! Get me some F’ING CHOWDA !!!!!!!


    Gay. this movie will be absolute shit. and it will take another many many years before Batman will be able to rebuild what will be destroyed.

    • SuperDuperChrisCooper

      Wow. That’s amazingly negative. I guess you must have already seen the film to be so sure?

    • TheKillingWords

      Did you type that whilst in your Avenger jammies?

  • dapornterest

    totally fake => jim lee drawing

  • Darth Vader

    If it were real, I’ll be able to see eye correct?

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Not neccessarily, they could go with white eyes.

      But I think it’s likely fake – WB would have demanded it be taken down otherwise, I’m sure.

  • Dizzle

    Man I hope Snyder makes batmans eyes all-white like the comics…like some kind of lens or something..Yeah i think it would totallytranslate well to live action

  • jj

    I swear to god if they come out with a gray spandex suit and blue cape and cowl Snyder and his gang are dead to me.

  • Timothy H.S Wessel

    It appears to be a black and white Injustice skin

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    Thats a DC Direct Statue in the style of Lee Bermejo. I have one.

  • william chandra

    this is not even worth to cover

  • Luv

    My gosh, they finally got it right. To me it’s more Mazzucchelli than Lee, but both are preferable to the weird cowl they made Bale wear. Looks good. Maybe now DC will also make the head proportionate to the body of their action figures…!

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      I’m afraid this is probably fake.

  • Hunchentoot

    WHITE EYES – if this is real this is HUGE. they did it in TDK but only for that one scene


    definitely fake, its a close up of one of the models from the game series collectors edition imo

  • Al

    This picture is as fake as my ex-girlfriend’s orgasms…no, I mean.

  • SallyFM

    Diane Lane as Martha Kent? Hasn’t she suffered enough?

  • skyhawk1


  • orianalianna

    Looks like a rat not a bat. I have never seen such a gigantic head in my life.

    • Budgiecat

      looks cool you fool

      • orianalianna

        Uh, no it doesn’t. It looks like a watermellon with cheese ontop.

  • Cosmonaut Bruv

    White eyes plz

  • Jas Singh


  • Joshua Teks Fritz

    It’s from the comics.

  • Brian Ormonde

    the head looks like Daredevil. I think its fake. Better be anyway lol

  • gphx

    What? You mean they still don’t understand how many people will boycott a Ben Affleck Batman flick?

    • SuperDuperChrisCooper

      Why would they?
      Daredevil? Gigli? Both over ten years old and not something the general public will remember.
      What they probably will remember is The Town and Argo.

    • Nik

      I don’t think a movie studio the size of Warner Bros. really cares if twenty people boycott a movie based upon the pathetic overreaction to a casting decision

  • Minnaz Max Summers

    Its fake… Look at his eyes, you see no eyeballs. it looks like a pic from batman video game, one of DLC costumes or unlockable. Its cool though, want to see some cool & awesome look for bats.

  • TΛRDISkey Magnussen

    Surprised by the little attention paid to the mouth area. It’s the biggest giveaway. It’s both too young-looking and big compared to Ben’s. If it was legit, why would it even be grained black and white?

  • Stanson

    If this is real it would appear that they are leaving the tactical armor route and going for the costume look that everyone hated for so many years.

  • Nate B.

    Looks really good, which is why I assume its fake. Like everything else in this mess, it’ll end up being disappointing.

  • David Patrick Maurer

    it doesn’t matter what the suit looks like – ben affleck will wear it. add to that the fact that the superman reboot completely missed the whole point of that character (and made no logical sense), the studio can’t even decide what the story’s about – plus it’s already been delayed a year – and there’s no reason to go see this hot mess. it won’t be worth the time or money. the next step will be the director leaves or is replaced. wait for it.

    • david maurer


  • Dr3wHa1186

    Without the chin it’s impossible to tell.


    I wish this was the new mask. First of all WHITE EYES!!! FINALLYY!!!! This is what we’ve been waiting for and just makes sense by now. They have to go small ears. I’m sick and tired of rubber costume, tired of long ears.

  • CleveyMcFly

    Hoping for the Noel suit.

  • Xavier Lopez

    Definitely fake–because I love it…

  • yung_rottz

    looks like it’s been cut from one of the dark knight returns dvd boxes

  • C4darkmane

    i’ve longed for white eye lenses for ages, gives them the opportunity to enhanced targeting/ data reports right infront of him, i mean come on if we have google glass knocking about surely Wayne tech could surpass it