Teaser trailer for Nightwing: The Series

A teaser trailer for a new fan made web series focusing on Batman’s original sidekick has been released on-line. Here’s the blurb…

Nightwing: The Series centers around Batman’s first sidekick, Dick Grayson aka Robin. After a falling out with his mentor, Dick disappears from Gotham eventually resurfacing in the City of Bludhaven under the guise of “Nightwing”. Dick has chosen to stand alone against a new threat that emerges in his city. Can he defend the city and the lives of it’s inhabitants alone? Only time will tell in this epic mini-series.

The team behind the series have also seen fit to provide a good quality image of the titular hero. Nice use of the Nolan Era Belt…

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on its progress.

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  • Ash Simp

    Should have cast Chris O’Donnell

    • chip thomas

      show would instantly be Oscar worthy

      • 0neTw0

        Oscar is for Movies. Golden Globes or Emmy for TV.

    • Barbarossa77

      He’s too chubby and old now.

      • Ian Harris

        Have you seen him in NCIS: LA? He’s ripped

        • Brian Miller

          and old.

    • Nick Hale

      Isn’t this violating copyright or any similar law?

      • Ansem Sudo

        No, as long as they are not making a profit from it and claim no association with warner bros outside of the characters they use that well belong to warner bros.

        • disqus_2wxUZLxqav

          That’s not entirely true.
          It IS technically a violation of copyright regardless of whether it’s making any money, since it’s still using someone else’s intellectual property, presumably without their permission. However, it’s up to Warner Bros. whether they decide to drop a cease-and-desist order on it or not. If it’s not making any profit, that’s less incentive, and probably more or less rules out the risk of a lawsuit, but WB are still well within their right to be dicks about it and force it to be taken down.

          • Nathan Evans

            Partially true. However, this really really short trailer is pretty much fanfiction, and huge studios, writers, series, anime (whatever) tend to leave fan based products alone as long as they make no prophet, (pestering them is too much trouble when fan-based is also free advertising as well), (or are parodies which are legal for some reason), and I think some studios etc., have allowed fan-based ‘no-prophet’ pieces to make money for charity but in those case you would have to get the studio’s/rights holder permission before hand.

        • Tinwoods

          That is incorrect.

    • ComicFan

      uh noooooopee!!!!! (in that Archer voice)

  • Razor905

    Great job! 2 big thumbs up!! Nightwing deserves a shot! I’d watch!

  • steve c.

    Soooo nightwing is a bmx kinda guy =p looks pretty good for fan made.

    • Nathan Evans

      The outfit does seem pretty good; he could be on Arrow with that style, just needs a hood and a professional to darken it up, lol. Not to mention, he certainly needs some hair extensions.

  • Fabyen Robinson

    I’ve been saying he needs a show for the longest. He’d kick Arrows arse!! Maybe…

    • Ryan

      I’m quite sure that Oliver Queen was a better martial artist than Batgirl, who could beat Nightwing (at least that’s all true in the comics). So unless there’s a Rock-Paper-Scissor Effect, Arrow could kick Nightwing’s arse and then kick Robin and Red Robin’s too.

      • Rob Nielsen

        not saying you are a liar, but when did batgirl ever beat nightwing? nightwing is almost universally recognized as the greatest martial artist in the DC universe.

        • Suk_m3_h47d

          Actually, Cassandra Cain holds that title. She was the daughter of TWO of Bruce Wayne’s teachers (the assassin David Cain, and Lady Shiva) born with the ability to predict an enemy’s moves before they occur, PLUS she’s ten times more skilled than even Batman is due to the fact that all her moves are intended to kill, whereas Batman always fights to incapacitate. She has sparred with the Bat on several occasions and always beat him.

          • VaShaun

            What about the likes of Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, and Deathstroke? Along with that though, I don’t think you could count Oliver Queen, since he may or may not be a metahuman, given his uncanny accuracy. At least following the Pre-Flashpoint line of thinking.

            And even if Cassandra is aiming to kill, wouldn’t that mean Batman is more skilled? It would be a lot easier to kill someone, than incapacitate them, I think.

          • Corin Black

            Correct. It is far easier to stop an opponent with killing force than to use non-lethal means.

          • Arrowind

            And She WAS Batgirl for a time.

        • Steve Freeman

          Wait…what? Nightwing is a top rated fighter, and could definitely beat Green Arrow, but there’s maybe a dozen other people in the DC universe who could beat him. And Batman is DEFINITELY a better fighter than him.

      • Molz

        If that’s the case then why was Dick Grayson/Nightwing ranked by IGN as the 11th greatest superhero of all time(Green Arrow was the 30th)? Not that he’s a bad superhero, but in terms of fans I think Nightwing would have a better following if and when it was a TV show.

        • Christian Barnes

          Its hard to say who is the best martial artist in the DC universe BC different writers write diff characterss if you all really want to know who the best martial artist in the DC universe is it Karate Kid from the legion of superhero’s a master in every form of martial arts in the known universe

        • VaShaun

          I’d have to chalk that up to being a big deal for so long. DC has done an impressive job of essentially making Dick the Prince of the DC Universe. He’s arguably the most likely to succeed Bruce as Batman, he’s beaten the other Robins in combat (albeit he never beat Tim, he beat Jason who beat Tim,) he’s almost always a leader when he’s on a team, he’s the first Robin, and he’s arguably far more relatable than Bruce is.

          Compare that to what’s happened with Arrow. Thinly veiled copy of Batman for a majority of his career, it’s only been the past few years he’s been taken seriously. Partly because of his animated side, I’d say (given his new leftist agenda. Helped give him a purely separate identity from Batman, and things happened to snowball as people got more interested, I think.)

        • Hudechek

          the fact you source IGN’s opinion list completely invalidates your point sorry…

      • Nathan Evans

        That’s Cassandra Cain, but she was a trained assassin like from the League of Assassins, Dick was only trained by Batman to kick crimes ass, not slaughter crimes ass.

    • mike payton

      The upcoming Grayson comic book was co-created by the producers of Arrow. Something tells me you’ll be seeing this fight sometime next season of that show. .

      • Fabyen Robinson

        That would kick ass. They’re incorporating many villains, they should start adding some heroes.

      • Christian Barnes

        Arrow sucks writeing casting and characters all blow.

        • ANNON

          Could be worse. Their spelling could suck too.

          • Edgar David Nazario


        • Nightsider

          Really? Is that why it’s one of the most watched shows on television? Come on now…

        • Ralph

          You’re an idiot. It’s only entertainment and it’s very entertaining. Deathstroke a the man, and you’re an idiot

          • Ralph

            And nightwing is too long overdue for a shot at recognition. If/when justice league movie is out, he’ll be in it. He has to be

          • Chris

            It will have to be an origin movie…the chances of Robin/Nightwing being in it are minimal at best

          • Tinwoods

            Someone disagrees with you and all you can do is call them an idiot. Twice in two sentences. Yes, that’s a sign of intelligence.

    • SLIM

      Yup me too

    • FG140

      Please. Arrow would annihilate him

      • Tinwoods

        These are fictitious cartoon characters. You’re 12, right?

    • Nathan Evans

      Anyone trained by THE Batman would kick Arrows ass.

  • James Hodge

    Looks amazing, great job!

  • EduardoRg

    Oh my god, the teaser is absolutely awesome. I would definitely would watch it.

  • Ricardo Duplan

    I’m excited. I helped create this web series. Great job guys worth every penny.

  • Flash

    Who’s these guy playing nightwing?

    • kixxxers


  • SuperDuperChrisCooper

    I’m hopeful for this. The costume looks good. I just hope he can do some acrobatics. He doesn’t fight like anyone else.

    Nightwing strikes me as something that could be a TV series like Arrow.

    Dick is a hopeful, friendly guy who tries to see the best in everything. He’s the opposite of Batman in that regard and could be a great fit for something like The CW. In fact he could fit into the ‘Arrowverse’ well. I huge nod to the larger world, especially as we already have many Batman characters involved.

    Maybe he could come to Starling hunting down Tony Zucco? Or a case brings him in for a few episodes? Plenty of way to go about it.

    • SLIM

      Wow Im not the only one to think that.

  • Budgiecat


  • lem

    Was that Red Hood in the end?

    • Anthony

      That wouldn’t even make sense as far as Batman mythos goes.

    • Akhmad Alfan Rahadi

      RED HOOD? RED HOOD!?? dude that was a two toned mask you know who on earth 2 would wear that mask. It’s Deathstroke

      • Max Simmons

        I initially thought it was deathstroke but in the video (as opposed to the picture) it looks more like red hood to me. Hope so anyway!

  • Chris

    once again, the internet proves that people who have a passion for something and are willing to dedicate themselves to it can and will make something great. the big studios need to take these projects and more importantly, their creators seriously and maybe even consider them for a bigger budget version. I mean his costume looks so so good, the actor looks right, his hair and all that, between this, the batman fan fic and the wonder woman fan fic I’m at the point where I’d rather watch fan fic (and pay for it) than big screen adaptations (green lantern anyone?). great stuff looking forward to it.

  • Adam_Rodriguez

    You can tell it’s fan made because fans don’t want to lift some weights.

    • SLIM


    • KAOS

      They should’ve made Dick fat! xD

      Please don’t delete my comment Disqus, I’m not trying to be dirty!

  • MrSatyre

    Surprisingly well done.

    • jsmith0552

      Actually there’s nothing surprising about independent and fan made films “looking” as good as a Hollywood product, the proof will be when we see the story, and the acting. This is where most independent stuff falls short.

  • @usaheyusa

    Costume should be yellow and blue!

  • Nice! I dig the costume. Reminds me of the Young Justice (tv) version and the one in “Son of Batman”

    • Chris

      Jared Padalecki is waaaaaaaay too tall for Nightwing

      • cynic44


    • Walter Lloyd

      now that The Tomorrow People is cancelled i could see Robbie Amell take the role as Nightwing!

      • SLIM

        I just said the samething huh lol.

  • James questioner

    Looks great,

  • James questioner

    Cant wait for it . Will be a dedicated fan . Looksngreat

  • Subterflume

    Oh boy, more footage of fans punching each other in a parking lot. Just what I needed.

  • dick

    yeah this series is garbage, bad acting bad everything

    • Jeremy W

      At least your name matches your attitude!

      • S

        His name matches Nightwing’s too, coincidentally.

  • Bailey Wearne

    Guys don’t know if you know this but… Its fanmade. Sorry to be the one to spoil dreams, just thought you ought to know

  • artillicous

    to quote another poster from another site, So reading the comments in the Simpsons Comic book guy voice.

  • No_Habla

    Hmmm…. dude is too skinny. Needs to hit the gym and consume a lot more protein.

    • Suk_m3_h47d

      LOL. That response is typical of comic book fans who have no real experience with actual hand to hand/martial arts. The deadliest martial artists in the world aren’t big Rambo-sized dudes DESPITE what you see in the movies or UFC. Most of them are small people. Only here in America do we associate big muscles with fighting ability.

      • No_Habla

        This is a comic book character and as such, should at least look fit, LIKE THE CHARACTER IN THE COMIC BOOK. Putting a bag of bones in a fancy suit just doesn’t cut it for fans of the comic book character. This doesn’t have Jack to do with UFC or anything else but an inaccurate portrayal of a comic book character.

        • Suk_m3_h47d

          And that Logic Train just keeps running past your stop, doesn’t it? Heavily muscled actors don’t make effective martial artists; that’s why you don’t SEE very many juiced up ‘roidheads in films as Kung Fu masters. Massive bulk makes you slow and tired quickly; that’s why most martial artists in film are little guys. Gosh, your lack of comprehension is appalling.

          • VaShaun

            Well, in all fairness, Batman is one of the best Martial-Artists in the world. And he’s not exactly slim. I think one of the best interpretations is when Dick took up the Batman costume. He said the cape is too heavy, the cowl too constricting, and all and all, didn’t fit with his high-flying style of combat. Indicating that either Dick was pretty weak or Batman was pretty strong. Alfred described Bruce as having a more “ground and pound” style of fighting. The differences make sense (Dick was a natural-born acrobat.)

            I think it’s fair to say that, given the right character, you’re not going to cast the same body type. Superman is going to be a little bulkier than Nightwing. The Man of Steel needs to look like a complete package and that includes the build. You’re gonna cast someone a little smaller, a little slimmer if you’re going for Nightwing. You want a Red Robin, you’ll probably want someone even smaller because Tim (compared to the rest of The Family) is no natural athlete. Batman? Well, thankfully that’s one people can flip-flop on. I mean, Terry McGinnis was Batman, had the build of Nightwing, and fought like Red Robin.

          • Suk_m3_h47d

            Yeah, except for the one crucial element that I’ve been trying to get across. These are comic book characters. They’re not drawn with any real degree of accuracy to be translated onscreen. In most comics, Batman is drawn as a mountain of muscle, which indicates okay he’s really strong. But he’s also described as a world class gymnast, which implies speed and agility. Now most male gymnasts in the real world are ripped and have incredible upper body strength, but they usually fall somewhere between 175 to 190 pounds. Batman is usually drawn looking like Arnold in Terminator, at least 200 plus, and that’s just not realistic. Superman on the other hand, can get away with this because his abilities don’t come from his muscles, but from his superpowers, so he can be as big as you want.

      • ehpakamatches

        Nightwing is a master gymnast. No gymnast near Nightwing’s level (Olympic) has such a skinny physique.

        Look up Yuri van Gelder, or Ivan Ivankov.

        But it’s a fanmade project, I wouldn’t expect them to have the resources to scout an expert gymnast lead role (who could act), or to afford to bulk up the main character unless he was really dedicated.

        • Suk_m3_h47d

          He’s also one of the world’s finest martial artists, too. And most of them AREN’T bulky or heavily muscled because you can’t have it both ways. You’re either really powerfully built as a fighter and sacrifice agility, or extremely agile, and sacrifice muscle.

  • JunitoNH

    They need to redo the costume, it looks cheesy; actor in need of weigh lifting and/or steroids, e.g. Arrow, Captain America, Thor, and grow the hair longer.

    • SLIM

      To be Damien Wayne hmmm Interesting

  • DEW

    I thought this was fan made and not actual studio work

    • jsmith0552

      Is that a question, or a statement?

    • Walter Lloyd

      I definitely would not watch this garbage if this was studio made. Since its Fan made, no matter how irritatingly low budget it is ill give it a shot.

  • jsmith0552

    These guys definitely know their cinematography, but for most fan films the rubber meets the road when it comes to the acting and the story. In this day and age that’s the only real areas where most fan films fall short.

    And hopefully these guys will not pull the boner of trying to do a crowdfunding campaign for a series they don’t own the rights to. A fan film has to be funded with your own dime no matter how popular, or good it is, and I personally WANT to see a well-done Nightwing web series out there. If only to show the suits at D.C. that it would be worth it to them to give the character a shot.

  • SLIM

    I want to see Nightwing on Tv insyead of things like Arrow not that that show isnt good.Looking at Stephen Amell actually got me thinking on this the CW has to see the great potential and DC.Keep Batman on the bigscreen bring Nightwing to the small screen.
    Now that Amells tommorow people is gone he could deginatly pull off Nightwing .
    I usually dont whatch any web videos unless their …EXPLICIT

  • SLIM

    GOTHAM sounds great but how much more dramatic would it be if it were Bludhaven???

  • Adrian

    Dc has no fucking cinematic univers what so ever . Except of course for Arrow and the Flash. They fucked up the Batman trilology with the upcoming Batman vs. superman by changing Bale with Ben and changing(again) the C. Nolan vibe of the Dark night costum with that new one with the big ass changed (again) emblema on the chest and the changed(again) batmobil , and now , they make a nightwing mini series with deathstroke as one of the villans and this way destroying that chance of a cinematic univers with arrow and flash. Also , in the Arrow univers , ra’s al ghul still lives via his daughter …. why do that , why not keep the fealling of a shared cinematic univers with batman ? That is why I love Marvel . They keep things clean and simple . One big ass cinematic univers for the movies and the miniseries , even the cartoons have the same looks as the live actors . That’s dedication and hard work and that is why Dc will never have the same succes with JLA as Marvel had with Avengers and will have with Avengers 2 . Marvel build The Avengers plot in 4 years trough several movies that lead to that movie . Dc wants do to that over night .

    • Ryan Perez

      I agree with you. It angers me, because i am just a big comic book fan, and want the best from both universes. It doesnt seem that will be the case. Though, I’d like to think there is still hope.

    • Retard

      You’re a freaking idiot and have no idea what you’re talking about just as many other simplistic fan boys like you don’t. You really don’t think that the people in charge of making decisions like this aren’t smart enough to know what they’re doing? First off, Nolan specifically stated that he wanted to only do three films. You really think DC was going to piss him off by taking his Batman and continuing it without him. Bale would not have been on board with that either. Also Nolan’s Batman is grounded in reality whereas Man of Steel obviously isn’t; hence the flying, super strong alien from another planet. Changes to this new Batman were necessary to make it obvious that it’s a different Batman from Nolan’s. It’s the smart move, as much as people loved Bale. Arrow has nothing to do with the movie universe they are building and for good reasons. First off, if they were to combine movie universes with tv then everything that happens in Arrow must abide by how the movies go. Since it’s not connected, the tv series can do whatever the hell it wants. Also, there are multiple DC series on different networks. You have CW, NBC, and FOX hosting Arrow, Constantine, and Gotham respectively. Should all of those be connected too? Of course not, that would be idiotic. While Marvel is doing their stuff very well those above things is NOT what DC is doing wrong. Learn a bit about film and tv before talking about stuff you don’t understand,

  • James Schubert

    should cast
    Milo Ventimiglia

  • eternalozzie

    The Arrow team is mulling over this character I believe. Steven R McQueen has been mounting a social media campaign the last year to play Nightwing.

  • James

    Didn’t watch the video, and only saw the beginning image at first and thought it was Milo Ventimiglia, I was like thats bad ass!

  • Tom Thuenen

    Dick Grayson without Starfire will not be any good. We saw on Teen Titans and the comics how much in love they are so why not have her in the series? Or is it the typical BS that hero’s can’t have a happy relationship with anyone!

  • kusku

    It looks good but I’m not so sure about the cargo pants.

  • sojiro

    whats up with the bottom part of his suit though? i mean surely it doesnt have to be tights, but certainly it shouldnt look like a pair of ripped jeans he bought at the Salvation Army…..otherwise i do like the idea of a nightwing show….its just that this guy looks incredibly underwhelming

    • Thomas Carpenter

      That’s what I’m saying. The top part of the suit looks great, but below the waist it’s shit on a stick. That mangled up Batman Begins utility belt does nothing for me either.

  • the great master

    Looks like that dude from “Catfish.”

  • scottdouglasjohnson

    BOOM BOOM BOOM. Lamest trailer ever.

  • Andrew

    Lost me at the cargo pants.

  • Steve Freeman

    A series with decent funding and actors would be amazing. Nightwing has always been one of my favorite characters. However…I watched the first video they did a couple years ago concerning Nightwing, and it really wasn’t that great. Regardless, here’s a link to their Youtube channel, the Nightwing vs Red Hood video was their first Nightwing attempt. youtube.com/user/IsmaHAWK/videos

  • Lemming

    A shame they have to even MAKE a fan series. I’d much rather we’d had a NIghtwing series instead of Arrow, or Gotham.

  • I’d watch that! Looks awesome!

  • AnonymousHero

    He almost looks like Milo Ventimiglia.

  • Henry_Swansons_my_name

    Immediate reaction: it doesn’t feel like it has its own identity. It just looks like (a cheaper) Arrow. With that said, I do applaud the effort put into these fan-made productions.

  • vincent

    yea id watch a nightwing show, live action or cartoon. not that I’m sick of batman, but i feel he should get his own spotlight on tv.

  • Gregory Cox

    Um, he’s wearing cargo pants.

  • Gregory Cox

    Um, he’s wearing cargo pants.

  • Gregory Cox

    Um, he’s wearing cargo pants.

    • They’re made of bullet proof nano fiber, Macy’s makes them now.

      Now anyone can be a Superhero.

  • Daj

    This is fan-made. This isn’t the actual trailer.

    • Nizzemancer

      It is the actual trailer…for the fan made nightwing series which will probably get a cease and desist letter sometime soon.

  • Michael Thomas Connors

    dang was it me or did anyone think it was the guy from heros

  • Daryl J

    This is just e recycled footage from an old home made Robin movie trailer.

  • ItsAnt

    It would have made more sense for DC and CW to make Nightwing a series rathet than make Green Arrow a series. It’s a very good. WAAAYYYY better than Smallville but I mean, who really like Green Arrow?! LOL I’d prefer to see a Nightwing series any day