Concept art for Mel Gibson as Wolverine

Before Hugh Jackman made the role his own, several names found themselves under consideration for the role of the adamantium-clawed mutant Wolverine over the years, including Bob Hoskins, Glenn Danzig, Russell Crowe, Edward Norton, Keanu Reeves and Dougray Scott, the latter of whom was actually cast in the role for Bryan Singer’s X-Men before having to drop out due to Mission: Impossible II.

Another name we can add to that list is that of Mel Gibson, and thanks to Twitter user Will McCrabb, we’ve got a look at some 1997 concept art from Miles Teves showing how Logan could have looked had Mad Mel taken on the role….

Mel Gibson as Wolverine

Would you have liked to see Gibson as Wolverine, or did we get a lucky escape?

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  1. Boltsmarts says

    We all know full well that he would have looked alot worse than this…and I cant see Gibson pulling of the dark idgaf of wolverines character…..

    • Everybody Likes Pizza says

      I could see it. He’s got a pretty idgaf attitude in Payback and Get the Gringo. If he tweaked that a little bit, I’m sure he’d have been a fine choice for the role. Maybe instead of calling everyone ‘bub’ he could just have a few drinks and go with ‘sugartits’ instead. That would be pretty sweet.

  2. cdrbly327 says

    I could see it. Given that it was 1997, I think it could have been very good. He did savage killing well in Braveheart.

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