New trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain

The StrainWe’ve already seen a couple of trailers for The Strain lately [see here and here], and now we have another longer preview of the upcoming vampire series from Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim) and Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel), which you can watch after the official synopsis…

The Strain is a high concept thriller that tells the story Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll), the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City, as he and his team investigate what appears to be an outbreak of vampirism. They soon need to fight for the fate of humanity itself.


The Strain is set to premiere on FX on July 13th, with a cast that includes David Bradley (Game of Thrones), Kevin Durand (Fruitvale Station), Mia Maestro (Alias), Jonathan Hyde (Titanic), Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings), Richard Sammel (Inglourious Basterds), Doug Jones (Hellboy) and Robert Maillet (Pacific Rim).

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