Deadpool movie test footage has leaked, watch it here

Deadpool20th Century Fox has had a Deadpool movie in limbo for years. It has a script (which is supposedly fantastic), it has a star in Ryan Reynolds (who played the character in the ill-conceived X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and it has a director, newcomer Tim Miller.

Unfortunately the R-rated project has been too big a risk for the studio to greenlight, so the script has been sitting on a shelf, just begging to get made. At Comic-Con last year, comics writer Rob Liefeld talked about some test footage that had been shot in 2012 showing off the kind of visual aesthetic the film would use, as well as its unique brand of humor, and now that footage has finally leaked online.

The footage looks absolutely incredible, and just proves that there’s a great Deadpool movie out there. The fans want it. The talent and crew want to make it. Now the studio needs to just jump on board and take a chance with what could easily be one of the most refreshing, unique comic book films we’ve seen.

Check out the footage below, which features some voice work from Reynolds, and let us know what you think in the comments section. But move fast, we can’t imagine this will stay online long…


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  • manners

    Looks great – will be interesting

  • slartiblart

    Great action. Yet you can’t reinvent deadpool.

  • danboy1386

    It looks amazing. What the hell are they waiting on?!?

  • eliottsworld

    Why has this not been made yet?

  • The Walking Cuban

    Missed it. Se la vi

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!

      Should still be working – it’s playing for me.

      • The Walking Cuban

        I tried a couple times. Nothin.

        • HolyFranchiseBatman!

          Just added a mirror

    • Xia Zhu

      for future references: “c’est la vie”

      • The Walking Cuban

        And presto chanjo, WALA, I’m fluent in French!

        • Ayasi


          • The Walking Cuban

            Wee, WALA!

  • Joe Mack

    This is awesome.

  • RoadToGeekMecca

    Why is Ryan Reynolds turned more and more CGI with every movie? First there’s Green Lantern, which was good except for the cheesy CG. Then RIPD was a decent action flick but full of even more Rubber Ryan than the Matrix 2 had of Rubber Neo. Then this… explain to me again why they couldn’t have had an actual person in a suit? At least when there are no stunts going on.

    • invisiblebastard

      Because humans are not capable of the feats in the test footage you dolt.

      • Squirly

        That’s just way too logical and reasonable on your part. These actors are paid enough to be strapped into a SUV that flips two dozen times over.

        • invisiblebastard

          I give too much credit to some internet denizens.

        • jonestown

          ryan R calibur actors never even get close to the stunts unless they specifically choose to(like cqc scenes), and specifically car accidents with multiple flips/ high danger are driven by a dude making per-day-pay(not contract not salary) simmilar to how a day laborer is paid for the work they do and not for the days it was raining and they couldnt work. and WAYyyyy less then RR would, not to mention they are insured out the butt, but not personal insurance, the studio/production would have the liability so they dont have to pay medical bills out of pocket. When the guy gets hurt.

      • Lol Really

        Humans aren’t capable of sitting on a ledge? Or sitting in a car? Fascinating.

        • invisiblebastard

          If this is what you thought I was talking about, then like I said, I give way too much credit to people on the internet.

          • Aaron Arm

            Please step off your high-horse before you hurt yourself. Consider, for a moment, that 90% of the footage that includes Deadpool is him in pretty safe positions. Aside from the shot of him in the window of the rolling car, the most precarious position he’s in involves someone hitting him in the face. If this were a typical movie, he would easily be shot performing all of these actions in a regular car, interspersed with scenes of the car rollover (which, again, primarily do not show him). Feasibility is by no means the limiting factor here. The reason he’s CGI is most likely because it’s test footage, and it was easier/cheaper to hire a couple of animators than it would have been to create the costume and hire Reynolds to physically act it out. I know you’re on the internet, and as such you give yourself too much credit, but I’ll let your undeserved ego slide.

          • yalldumb

            dude it’s fucking test footage. it’s cgi cause it’s cheap and easy. get off his dick

          • Aaron Arm

            Yeah, I said that. But thanks for repeating it, I guess.

    • kappa93

      because this is TEST footage. they dont have time or resources to shoot an actual actor in a suit, this footage is to see if it’s worth it to actually put him in the suit to begin with. think of it as a taste-test and making sure that your recipe will taste great before you make lots of it.

      • wouldn’t it be cheaper just to put a stuntman in the suit then have RR dub over the voice, then make a completely CGI deadpool?

        • Euan

          Nope. It can be a lot cheaper just to do a CGI test footage before investing money to pay actors / directors / cameraman etc. And if you’re lucky, can save quite a lot of time too.

          Otherwise, this looks freakin’ awesome.

          • No i understand doing things CGI can be cost effective, but in this test footage the only thing CGI is deadpool. I can’t help but feel like it’d be cheaper to just put a stuntman in a pratical suit. There’s no way that was a completely CGI deadpool

          • Aaron Foltz

            It was ALL CGI.

          • i couldn’t tell cuz the footage was low quality lol how embarrassing that’s some great CGI

          • Euan

            It is all CGI. They did actual release this video in HD so you can look it up now.

  • invisiblebastard

    I hope this gets made. This looks amazing.

  • Xia Zhu

    that camera’s “image stabilization” annoyed the hell out of me…” but it looks super fun.

  • Shimbuckler

    When is it coming out? Will definitely go to see!

  • tc

    Having seen the original footage I can say this is entirely CGI. It’s fantastic, but it’s not exactly test footage. Not a critique, just a clarification.

  • Robb Welch

    This looks like it’s going to turn out the be a decent video game a year ago.
    Pretty good CG.

    Now where’s the test footage? I was told there would be footage.

    • iman

      Its called “test footage” for a reason….

  • honest rob

    This scene is directly from the screenplay. Small quips changes, but it’s in the screenplay.

  • Mike White

    Looks all CG. Is this for a video game?

    • porm

      its test footage to get people interested in the idea. usually people will make cg clips of ideas as a “demo” and see if they can get money to make that movie happen. this isnt a trailer, just leaked footage of something that isnt even the actual movie.

  • Mr. Negative

    I’m fully down with this. Oh, and so are millions of fans by the way. WAK UP 20TH CENTURY FOX A**HOLES!

  • Mitchell Wagner

    It’s the opening scene from the leaked script from the same time period.

  • Dr. J

    This movie will suck because it has Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds is terrible and only makes garbage. RIPD and Green Lantern are two huge bombs. This will be a third if he is the star.

    • Matiny Louis

      Well that depends on if he’s the writer/director.

      • Dr. J

        If the people making the movie think its a good idea to have Ryan Reynolds star in the movie then they will make equally bad decisions on who will write and direct this movie.

        • Matiny Louis

          LOL the writers/directors ARE the ones who make the movie, right?

        • chris

          You need to see his other works. You cited two movies where the writing was horrible.

          • Dr. J

            I’m sorry you think The Proposal is a great movie.

  • Matiny Louis

    Welp, all action stories need a freeway scene, right?

  • Matiny Louis

    Also, I’m somewhat intrigued by all the Halo Effect in here. 2 minutes looks good = automatically good movie.

    • Garlador

      I also read the leaked script. It’s “this good” for basically a 2 hour movie.

      Though the Amy Winehouse joke will probably need a redo. A little dated and untimely on that one.

      • Matiny Louis

        Ah hah. You got that link?

  • Dave W

    Tim Miller from Blur Studio?

    • HolyFranchiseBatman!


      • Dave W

        Nice… I’ve always enjoyed their cinematics and their short film Gopher Broke. This is different of course but I’m willing to give him a chance.

  • Ayasi

    What did you paper say?

  • disorient

    “Hi, Tom!”

    Anyone know who that is supposed to be?

    • Jeff Albertson

      Selleck, Hanks, Cruise, Jefferson, some guy I met down the street, or most likely Tom. Rothman the head of 20th Centruy Fox when this footage was shot.

  • bonemarrowy2k

    please make it a r rated version

  • Joe Cook

    this looks cool, but I’m kinda bummed out that they made him look like a fag in X-Men: Origins. I want to see this movie, but that idea of him being a test subject for a weapon of mass destruction then easily killed/humilated by Wolverine (who is the strongest x-man – so it’s understandable) kills my excitement to look up to him as a badass hero, and frankly, find this movie as a hoax of superhero. I’ll watch this movie fersure, but won’t buy into the hype of this hero bc his reputation is already ruined.

    • Shad0wBr33ch

      This looks like the real Deadpool though. The one in Origins had Wolverine’s “claw” powers for swords but this guy uses actual swords like the real Deadpool so I see some hope for this.

  • looks awesome…. wait nvm it’s gone 🙁

  • Ash Simp

    Probably too far down the comments to get a response but I have a few questions. 1) would the studio ever use kickstarter in a “if we raise x amount we’ll realise the demand is there and pay for the rest? 2) does anyone think this was a purposeful leak so the studio can gage a reaction, R Rated comic book films are a tough sell in the current market, they’ll want to limit the risk? 3) with DoFP changing a bunch of timelines, could this be a part of the new time line created, a time line that doesn’t have the actions of Origins: Wolverine as canon? I.E. leading to an X-Force film in the same universe.

    • Shad0wBr33ch

      I can’t say about 1 or 3 simply because I don’t know, but 2 seems like a very likely method, it allows us to see it so they get a reaction, and if it’s bad, they can fall back on, “It was a leaked trailer people, we didn’t intend to show this.”

  • the script is hilarious, but a little light on story.

    • Shad0wBr33ch

      That’s exactly how Deadpool works.

      • probably why i’m not a particularly big fan

        • chris

          You read it for the comedy. No other comic can make you laugh as hard as a deadpool comic

  • Jupigorg

    Hopefully the fact that everyone is scrambling to see this will give the studio the confirmation they need that it’ll work

  • spadesjack

    nerdgasm 😀

  • zad

    Please please please MAKE THIS MOVIE!!!

  • Shad0wBr33ch

    C’mon, Marvel, you know you want my money and Guardians of the Galaxy ain’t about to get it for you… Let there be Deadpool!!!

    • James Garcia

      Deadpool’s owned by Fox, not Marvel.

  • Mel

    Ryan Reynolds is the perfect voice! I hope they do this soon I want to see it NOW!!! It looks so amazing!!!

  • silkalivedoll

    … and it’s gone. Poop. XP

  • Rahul Kapoor

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  • stickyman66

    Cant wait!